In order to resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic through transportation and ensure the orderly and smooth transportation of important materials, a new round of epidemics has occurred in many places across the country recently.

The transportation departments in various places are fighting on the front line, firmly holding the red line of epidemic prevention, and going all out to protect the safety of travel.


  In the face of the epidemic and heavy snow, the Jilin Provincial Department of Transportation entered an emergency state immediately, did a solid job in the prevention and control of the epidemic in the industry, continued to strengthen the emergency guarantee of transportation, and contributed to the province's victory in this defense and annihilation.

A total of 186 sets of mechanical equipment and 375 man-days were deployed on expressways in the province, 146 cubic meters of anti-skid materials were spread, and the accumulated snow removal amount was 959,900 cubic meters.

The Provincial Department of Transportation deploys sufficient transportation support vehicles and transportation support personnel, sticks to the front line, and actively does a good job in ensuring the transportation of production materials, living materials of the people, and materials in Changchun, Jilin and other places to serve the normal production of enterprises, the normal life of people and the economic society of various places. normal operation.

  Shenzhen, Guangdong

  At present, in addition to guaranteeing the operation of the city and the transportation of goods and goods to Hong Kong, all public buses and subways in Shenzhen have been suspended, and Shenzhen Bus Station, Shenzhen Longgang Long-distance Bus Terminal, and Shenzhen Bao'an Bus Station will also suspend operations.

Taxis and online car-hailing operate normally, and private cars are not restricted.

The railway department quickly and substantially adjusted the operation of passenger trains and introduced free refund measures for passenger train tickets.

The transportation department organizes the organization of freight in the city, and establishes a "distribution network" for materials in the city to ensure the convenient and fast passage of vehicles for people's livelihood materials.

  Qingdao, Shandong

  In the past few days, Qingdao's transportation system has done a solid job in the prevention and control of the current epidemic in the transportation industry.

In response to the needs of the front-line epidemic prevention headquarters for free passage of expressways, the role of the industry competent authorities should be effectively brought into play, and they should be implemented as soon as possible. At the same time, measures such as epidemic prevention and sterilization should be strengthened to avoid epidemic prevention loopholes.


  Shanghai subway and bus staff responded quickly, took active actions, strictly followed the requirements of epidemic prevention work, and implemented the epidemic prevention and control measures without slack.

Strictly do a good job in disinfecting the floors, armrests, seats and other parts that are easily touched in the carriage, leaving no dead ends or hidden dangers.


  Tianjin's transportation system strictly implements the overall requirements of "preventing imports from outside and preventing rebound from inside", always tightening the strings of epidemic prevention, continuously strengthening prevention and control efforts, paying close attention to risk inspections in key links, strengthening management of personnel at key points, and accurately implementing new crown pneumonia. Various measures to prevent and control and ensure smooth flow, effectively guarantee the transportation of citizens, and resolutely prevent and curb the spread of the epidemic through transportation.

  (CCTV reporter Chen Xi)