Good evening,

out of the blue

, a message from the state government with the new Corona rules arrived in the afternoon.

It therefore applies in Hesse

Manfred Koehler

Head of department of the Rhein-Main editorial team of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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  • from March 20th to April 2nd: all previous access regulations remain valid, the mask requirement remains in place, all distance and hygiene rules also continue to apply, the compulsory testing and mask regulations remain in schools.

    But: no more contact restrictions for the unvaccinated, no more capacity restrictions at events.

  • from April 3rd: all rules are no longer applicable except for the obligation to wear masks in hospitals, homes and on trains and buses;

    Tests are only compulsory in hospitals, homes and schools;

    special rules apply to hotspots, but what a hotspot is is not yet clear.

The state government

combined the announcement with all sorts of insults from the federal government, which disagreed, which is why there would only be new regulations at the very last second.

With the regulations that have now been announced, however, one gives the best possible planning security.

Current incidence in Hesse: 1084. Hospitalization rate: 5.4, 173 beds in intensive care units are occupied.

Not so little.

Corona ... Ukraine war ...

anyone who wants to point out another not entirely unimportant topic these days does not have it easy.

Yesterday, the coalition in Frankfurt City Hall tried bravely and pointed out that they now want to back up their announcement in the coalition agreement that the city should become climate-neutral by 2035 with a 19-point plan.

One has the obvious idea to take care of the municipal real estate first.

Otherwise, hopes are pinned on a climate department and an expert advisory board, as well as halving electricity consumption.

That won't be easy to achieve given the growth of data centers and the rise of electric cars.

It will also not be easy

to make Frankfurt Airport and even air traffic climate-neutral by 2035, climate-neutral without cutting jobs.

The airport operator Fraport has said it is aiming for climate neutrality by 2050, and efforts are being made to use cleaner fuel in air transport, but it will take time.

Now, however, the whole region depends on the weal and woe of the entire region, and so it can be described as good news that Fraport made money again in 2021 after more than half a billion euros had been burned the year before because of Corona.

In the meantime, staff is even being sought again.

The job engine starts again, how nice.

And in addition

, the dealers in the region still have enough heating oil in stock, but unfortunately not at the same prices as six months ago +++ the Frankfurt artist ER Nele is 90 years old +++ colleague Theresa Weiß has an aid transport from accompanied Frankfurt to the Ukrainian border, her reportage is now a large feature in the newspaper.

I wish you a pleasant evening

Yours, Manfred Koehler

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Clouds and fog will soon lift and the sun will be longer at a maximum of 17 degrees.

More cloudy again at night with 6 degrees.




Armin Clauss

(SPD), Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hessischer Rundfunk, former Hessian Minister of Social Affairs, bearer of the honorary plaque of the city of Frankfurt (84);

Hans Zippert

, writer and satirist living in Oberursel (65);

Stefan Korbach

, board member of SV Sparkassenversicherung, Wiesbaden (64);

Ralf Karpa

, managing director of the management company for port and market, Frankfurt (62);

Roman Poseck

, President of the Hessian State Court of Justice, Wiesbaden, and President of the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt (52);

Ulrich Kaßburg

, Chairman of the Board of Sparkasse Offenbach (51).