The Sat.1 crime series "The Last Bull" made the actor Henning Baum famous, now he is on stage as Pontius Pilate at the RTL Easter screening "Die Passion".

The music event about the last days in the life of Jesus Christ had been canceled twice because of Corona.

At the third attempt on April 13, Baum is to take on the role of the Roman governor who sentenced Jesus to death.

The location of the transmission is Essen, the birthplace of Baum.

"Modern and Unusual Presentation"

RTL promises a "modern and unusual presentation" of the "greatest story of all time".

The events are to be brought to life with the help of well-known pop songs and transported to the present day, according to the announcement.

"This is an incredibly difficult role in probably one of the most mystical and grand stories," Baum said.

"So that's what appeals to me very much about playing this character: the man who washes his hands of innocence", who is aware of his guilt on the one hand, but also suppresses it, is "acting a very demanding, difficult, but very interesting task", so tree.

The rest of the prominent ensemble had already been established before the pandemic: Thomas Gottschalk is to lead through the musical RTL version of the passion story on the live show on the Wednesday before Easter.

The well-known musical actor and former "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" winner Alexander Klaws takes on the role of Jesus.

Mark Keller ("Der Bergdoktor") will embody Judas.

Singer and music producer Laith Al-Deen is Peter.

Singer Ella Endlich ("Kiss me, hold me, love me") appears as Maria.

Among others, actor and author Samuel Koch, singer Gil Ofarim and musician and presenter Stefan Mross can be seen as disciples.

"The basic ideas of the passion story go far beyond a purely religious background and deal with universal and timeless human themes," said the responsible RTL division head Kai Sturm.

"That's why this story hasn't lost its importance in today's time and current events." Regardless of whether the viewers are religious or not - he is convinced that they "feel the emotional power and relate to their own lives and current events can transmit".

The model for "The Passion" is a Dutch TV format.

The show event has been there since 2011, each year in a different city.

"The Passion", as it is called in Holland, is broadcast on public television and achieves high market shares.

The performance in Essen will be broadcast live by RTL on April 13 from 8:15 p.m.