Ukraine: at the Varash nuclear power plant, there are concerns about a potential Belarusian breakthrough

The Varash nuclear power plant, the second largest in the country, producing 12% of national electricity, March 14, 2022. © Edouard Dropsy / RFI

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Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Ukrainian nuclear power plants have been among the main targets of the Kremlin.

On the Belarusian border, that of Varash is the second most important in the country.

There, concern is growing.


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With our special correspondent in Varash,

Édouard Dropsy

Friday evening, March 11, the Ukrainian authorities warned of the threat of a Belarusian breakthrough.

For the moment, Alexander Lukashenko is tempering in the face of pressure from Vladimir Putin, for fear that his army will refuse to listen to him.

But for Pavlo Pavlyshyn, the director of the Varash nuclear power plant, 80 kilometers from the border, the consequences would be irrevocable.

The risks?

How to say ?

Have you ever heard of Chernobyl?

It could be a risk like this

, ”he worries. 

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In Varash, where Energeatom, the owner of the plant, is the main employer in the city, warning sirens sound at least three times a night.

Residents are on the alert.


Yes of course, we are prepared for the toughest situations and for all types of situations

," continues Pavlo Pavlyshyn. 

People know how to do, what to do.

So everything is under control.


A circumstantial optimism for the one who must ensure the safety of tens of thousands in northern Ukraine


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