Barely two weeks ago, Anette Weidenmark decided to leave the party, after what she describes as divided opinions in the party about cooperation with the Social Democrats.

She wanted to continue cooperating, while other members wanted to go into opposition.

Now she chooses to go to S. herself.

- I think the Social Democrats have been a good party to work with.

I want to continue to influence and it is the best party to do it with, says Anette Weidenmark to SVT.

S gets its own majority in the committee

Anette Weidenmark is the second member of the education committee to leave her party for the Social Democrats.

Previously, the former moderate Marie Fransson has left her party for S.

This means that five of the committee's eight members now represent the Social Democrats.

How do you see that neither KD nor M, as some of the voters voted for, no longer has a member in the education committee?

- In a way, it's unfortunate.

But at the same time, when making a choice collaboration, the parties agree on people who have competence.

No one else in KD has the competence I have in school, says Anette Weidenmark to SVT.

KD: "Must choose the path"

Birgitta Arvidsson, chairman of KD, says that the change of party is a consequence of the different opinions expressed in the party.

- We have eight, nine new members and look forward to a good election year.

We really look positively at the development because there has been a dividing wall between us, she tells SVT.

But Anette Weidenmark was a heavy name in local politics.

- Yes, but sometimes you have to choose the path.

And we choose the bourgeois path.