A farewell party for former Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Wataru Takeshita, who died last September, was held, and Prime Minister Kishida and others attended to survive the deceased.

Wataru Takeshita has been elected seven times in a row since he ran for the House of Representatives election in 2000 as the successor to his older brother Noboru Takeshita and was elected for the first time.

During this time, he served as Minister of Reconstruction and General Affairs Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, and has been the chairman of the faction since 2018. He died of esophageal cancer at the age of 74 last September.

Prime Minister Kishida and Secretary-general Mogi, who became the successor to the faction chairman, attended the farewell party held in Tokyo.

At the beginning, Mr. Hosoda, the chairman of the House of Representatives from Shimane Prefecture, who is the same as Mr. Takeshita, offered his condolences for his efforts for constitutional administration for many years.

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Next, Mr. Mogi said, "We had you lead the faction with the wonderful" Takeshita leadership "that everyone loves. We will make the faction with history and tradition into a group that is active in the middle of the political world by joining forces with many friends. I want to go. "

After that, the attendees offered flowers, and he was able to survive Mr. Takeshita and regret farewell.