Into the dark blue, iron riding on the waves as the vanguard

  ■Wang Zezhou Wang Guanbiao

  As the first destroyer unit of the People's Navy, a certain destroyer detachment of the Northern Theater Command has created a number of "firsts" and "firsts" on behalf of the officers and soldiers with their strong will and daring to take the lead.

For decades, they have inherited and carried forward the "pioneering spirit" with the connotation of "honesty and loyalty, dare to fight and win, have the courage to take responsibility, and be willing to make sacrifices". Write a new chapter in the pioneering story.


  "The battle of victory and defeat, spiritual foresight." After a long journey, the officers and soldiers of a destroyer detachment of the Northern Theater Command charged at the forefront of the construction and development of the People's Navy with the bloody courage of being the first and fighting for the first.

For decades, they have passed down the "pioneer" battle flag from generation to generation, inherited and carried forward the "pioneer spirit" with the connotation of "honesty, loyalty, courage to fight, courage to take responsibility, and dedication", and wrote on the magnificent blue voyage. A magnificent and colorful chapter of struggle.


  "Go forward, go forward, glorious destroyer, keep the flag high and march forward forever..." With the passionate singing, we walked into the "Pioneer History Museum" of the detachment, and the first thing that caught our eyes was the first destroyer of the People's Navy - Anshan Ship Some physical materials.

In the exhibition area, old photos vividly reproduce the scenes of the officers and soldiers of the ship fighting the wind and waves and bravely rushing into the ocean.

  From 1954 to 1971, for 17 years, the "Four King Kongs" represented by the Anshan ship were the only 4 destroyers of the Chinese Navy at that time.

In 1971, my country's first-generation domestic destroyer, the first ship Jinan, was officially commissioned into the detachment, marking China's ability to build its own surface ships since then.

  In 1994, the Harbin ship, the first ship of my country's second-generation domestic destroyer, was enlisted in the detachment.

The officers and soldiers of the Harbin ship worked hard and bravely advanced, and successively made many breakthroughs, such as the first use of anti-air missiles to shoot down a target bomb, the first time across the Pacific Ocean, the first visit to the American continent, and the first island chain training, and successfully completed ocean escort, Sino-foreign joint exercises, More than 40 major tasks such as actual military exercises have been awarded the honorary title of "Marine Pioneer" by the Central Military Commission.

  Generations of officers and soldiers have used hard work and hard work to create a glorious and profound history of the detachment. The Anshan ship has served for 38 years and sailed more than 200,000 nautical miles. It has created a record of 56 days and nights of continuous berthing at sea; With more than 1,000 tasks, it has made significant contributions to the finalization and production of surface ships of the People's Navy, and is known as "the pioneer of national defense modernization equipment testing"; Qingdao ship, which lasted 4 months, visited 10 ports in 10 countries and completed the first round-the-world voyage of the People's Navy ; The first domestically produced 10,000-ton large-scale drive Nanchang ship, which formed combat effectiveness in the year when it was commissioned. Five out of the island chain, the first voyage to the Bering Sea, and the exercise of troops in the Southwest Sands. In the Sino-Russian "Maritime Joint-2021" military exercise, it made an excellent first hit. score……

  Behind the multiple "firsts" and "firsts" is the spiritual code that promotes the construction and development of the detachment - "pioneering spirit".

For decades, under the inspiration of the "pioneering spirit", the officers and soldiers of the detachment have kept their mission in mind and waited for the moment. They have tempered the blood of soldiers who dare to fight tough battles in each mission, and have cultivated the excellent ability to overcome the enemy and win.


  Early in the morning, the waves lapped lightly on the side of the boat.

In the Naval Museum by the Yellow Sea, the first destroyer of the People's Navy, the Anshan Ship, is quietly moored.

Tourists at the dock stopped from time to time to take photos with the clear hull number "101" on the bow.

  Today, the new generation of officers and men of the Nanchang ship has inherited the glorious hull number "101".

The two generations of "101", with a time span of more than 60 years, have witnessed the development and growth of the People's Navy, as well as the dark blue track of generations of destroyer officers and soldiers bravely dashing into the ocean and striving to be pioneers.

  "The old generation of '101' crews are willing to be the 'pioneers' of the new China's navy. As a new generation of '101' crews, we must understand the profound connotation of 'hero ships and hero soldiers', inherit and carry forward their The precious spirit will continue to write a new chapter for the 'pioneering spirit'." Recently, on the deck of the Nanchang ship, the ship organized an activity of "learning the history of ships and being a vanguard", and Corporal Bianliang's impromptu speech attracted bursts of applause .

  In recent years, the detachment has regularly organized the theme activities of "study team history, knowledge of traditions, and being a pioneer". Through visiting and learning, deeds reports, ritual education, etc., officers and soldiers are guided to understand the genes of struggle and improve their spiritual literacy from the glorious tradition.

In view of the fact that the troops are multi-faceted and wide-ranging, they actively carry out activities such as "deck classes" and "battle position patrol lectures" to guide officers and soldiers to continuously strengthen their responsibilities for a strong army.

  Pioneer Square, Pioneer History Museum, Pioneer Corridor, Pioneer Sculpture... The detachment summarizes the advanced individuals and outstanding collective deeds that have emerged since its establishment, as a cultural window to show the "pioneer spirit" inherited by officers and soldiers from generation to generation, and establishes courage for officers and soldiers in the new era. A leading example.

  "In 10 days, the Linyi ship and the Weifang ship entered the war zone in Yemen and escorted more than 800 personnel to evacuate..." Corporal Zhang Xinjian of the Linyi ship still remembers that when he first boarded the ship and did not adapt to the fleet life, the department instructor Jin Huirong An education class - Jin Huirong took him to the "Pioneer Corridor" of the detachment, and told the story of the evacuation of overseas Chinese from Yemen, which touched him deeply.

Today, Zhang Xinjian, who has already become a qualified sailor, still comes to the "Pioneer Corridor" from time to time to draw strength from those heroic stories.

  The tree is thousands of feet tall and never forgets its roots.

Although the equipment is being updated and the officers and soldiers are changing one after another, the slogan of "Pioneer Spirit" is getting louder and louder in the detachment.

It is like a powerful "magnetic field" that firmly unites officers and soldiers, inspiring generations of officers and soldiers to take root in their posts and make contributions to the sea frontier.


  Clausewitz said: "The material cause and effect are nothing but the handle of the knife, and the spiritual cause and effect are the precious metal and the real sharp blade." The history of loyalty to the party's command, the history of bloody battles, the history of pioneering entrepreneurship, and the history of forging ahead with determination to revive.

Every step of its root, germination and bloom, inspires officers and soldiers to move forward bravely.

  "Living Circuit", "King of Elimination"... Behind the many honors and praises is the figure of Shu Ling, the captain of the Shenyang Fleet District of the detachment, who has been charging forward with his mission on his shoulders for more than ten years.

  In the early spring of that year, a certain area of ​​the Yellow Sea was windy and waves were high.

A missile roared out of its sheath from the Shenyang ship and headed straight for the target ship at sea.

At the moment when the missile hit the target ship, Shu Ling led the officers and soldiers to create a new record for the Navy to use a ship-to-air missile to strike a surface target for the first time.

  Success always favors those who are prepared.

Behind the success, it is Shu Ling who stays in the battle position all day long and studies the coordination between systems; it is he who turns off the lights to practice blind exercises countless times just to improve his speed; Hard work.

  In the 21 years since he joined the army, Shu Lingrong has won the second-class merit twice and the third-class merit once, and won the first prize of the Outstanding Talent Award of the Sergeant of the Army. Led the district team to win the collective second-class merit 1 time.

  Pioneer genes breed Pioneer descendants, and Pioneer descendants continue the Pioneer story.

  At the beginning of that year, in a certain sea area, the Xining ship participated in the Sino-Russian-Iranian joint maritime exercise as the only Chinese ship participating in the exercise.

At the beginning of the joint exercise, a difficult problem was placed in front of the officers and soldiers of the Xining ship: all participating ships must use tactical rules set by foreign parties.

  The Xining ship quickly formed a research team, analyzed the tactical rules one by one, and quickly understood the entire process, and prepared a plan overnight for a full-process deduction.

During the joint exercise, the Xining ship completed various subject drills such as formation sports, light weapons shooting, and ship parade to high standards.

In the subject of force rescue, they were the first to accurately occupy the place and to complete the check-in check first.

After the joint exercise, a foreign general who had participated in multinational naval activities on the Xining ship made a special trip to board the ship to express condolences and praised the officers and soldiers of the Xining ship: "It's great!"

  Participated in the first three-armed joint exercise, 9 went to the Gulf of Aden to perform escort missions... The more the sword of the vanguard is sharpened, the more profitable it is.

Today, the descendants of the "pioneer" in the new era are galloping in the open ocean, guarding the blue sea and blue sky, and continue to write a new chapter towards Haituqiang.