In January, just over 1,200 people a day took their syringe - today there are only 200 people.

Released restrictions and more people who have just had covid-19 may be some of the reasons why more people choose to give up the vaccine.

- It feels very boring.

But I really hope that people think again and realize how important it is to take all the recommended doses, says Sara Berglund.

National Vaccination Week

During week 11, a national vaccination week is held for more county residents to get vaccinated.

Then it is possible to go on drop-in times at most health centers sometime during the week.

Boliden's health center will have drop-in vaccination in the car park outside Ica on March 17 between 16.00 and 19.00.

The reception in Umeå is open until the end of April.

Thereafter, the capacity for vaccination in both Umeå and Skellefteå will decrease when the health centers take over.

- Take the opportunity to vaccinate yourself now that there are drop in and bookable times.

Later this spring, it will be more difficult to get an appointment, says Ronny Lestander.

Check the vaccine certificate if you are traveling

Sara Berglund points out that it may be worth checking out the recommendations that apply to trips abroad.

Some countries require how many doses have been taken and how old the last dose may be.

- Some countries say that the latest dose should be taken within 180 or 270 days.

It may be an idea to check your vaccine certificate and see if I can travel this summer or if another dose is needed, she says.

67 percent have taken the third dose

According to the National Vaccination Register's statistics for week nine, 67.3 percent of Västerbotten's population over the age of 18 had received a third dose of vaccine.

91 percent of the county's residents over the age of 18 have taken their second dose.

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