Seven people were arrested during an action by the anti-narcotics group of the Finistère gendarmerie at the beginning of last week.

The military intervened in Quimper, Douarnenez and Pluguffan (Finistère).

Among the suspects arrested are a minor and the manager of a company, details



Four incarcerations

The individuals targeted are suspected of having engaged in drug trafficking, criminal association and money laundering.

Some are also prosecuted for death threats and acts of harassment against minors.

An investigating judge decided to place four of the suspects in pre-trial detention.

This anti-drug crackdown was the conclusion of several weeks of investigations by the gendarmes.

They seized on the scene of the operations more than 9,000 euros in cash as well as narcotics with a total value estimated at 54,000 euros.

The soldiers thus got their hands on 506 g of heroin, 2.4 kg of cannabis and 195 g of cocaine.

Miscellaneous facts

Brest: Suspected of having participated in international cocaine trafficking, four men and a woman arrested


Rennes: Cannabis, heroin, firearms, banknotes… Convictions after a big anti-narcotics dragnet by the gendarmerie

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