China News Agency, Seoul, March 13th (Liu Xu and Liu Jingni) According to the local time of the Korean Forest Office on the 13th, after 213 hours and 43 minutes of continuous saves, it started on the morning of the 4th of this month in Uljin County, North Gyeongsang Province. The main forest fire on the east coast was finally extinguished, and the forest fire crisis alert level was also lowered from "severe" to "alert".

  At about 11:17 a.m. on March 4, local time, a fire broke out in the area of ​​Docheon Riye Mountain, North Uljin County, Gyeongsangbuk-do. Wel nuclear power plant, Samcheok LNG production base and other important buildings.

On the 5th, the South Korean Fire Department issued the highest level of fire danger warning for the first time nationwide.

  It is reported that the wildfire lasted for a total of 213 hours and 43 minutes, setting the longest record since statistics began in 1986.

The latest statistics on the evening of the 13th show that as of 6:00 a.m. local time that day, the total area of ​​land damaged by the wildfire reached 24,940 hectares, breaking the record for the area damaged by the east coast wildfire in 2000 (23,794 hectares).

  According to the statistics of "Seoul News" and "Jingxiang News", although the wildfire caused no casualties, it still caused heavy losses to 908 facilities, including 388 houses, 193 factory warehouses, 227 agricultural facilities and 90 religious facility.

  In the process of disaster relief, the Hanshan Forestry Office received assistance from the military, fire departments and local governments, dispatched 1,212 helicopters and 6,180 sets of equipment, and mobilized 69,968 forest fire brigade, civil servants, firefighters, soldiers, police and other related personnel to do their best. Extinguishing.

Although the main fire has now been put out, it will take time to completely put out the residual fire.

  At present, on the one hand, with the assistance of the police, the relevant South Korean authorities are investigating the cause of the wildfire. If it is related to an individual, the suspect will be identified through joint evidence collection; Before completing local recovery plan development.