Per Svensson (S), chairman of the municipal board, Falkenberg:

- We have no exercise that has come in as far as I know.

However, I have asked the question to the business and they do not think it is needed or would solve anything either.

Should there be a problem, we can discuss it.


Jonas Bergman (M), Chairman of the Municipal Board, Halmstad:

- It has not been up for discussion.


Ronny Löfquist (S), Chairman of the Municipal Board, Hylte:

- It is probably a motion from SD that copypasteats and walked around in all municipalities, so also Hylte.

The motion is exactly the same and it was rejected.

That is just a blow in the air, we already have a set of rules for what requirements we place on our employees, which includes the language.

This is populism at its worst.


Erling Cronqvist (C), Chairman of the Municipal Board, Laholm:

- It has not been discussed at all, there is nothing on the agenda.


Christofer Bergenblock (C), Chairman of the Personnel Committee, Varberg:

- No, there is nothing that is relevant in Varberg and nothing that has been discussed.

It is clear that if you want to work in the municipality, you need to know basic Swedish, but it does not require tests, it emerges from the interview.

We have a great need to recruit staff and raising the threshold is not the way forward.

If there are shortcomings, it is better to supplement the knowledge with education, which we do.

Entering the labor market is one of the most important ways to integrate people.

We see no need whatsoever to make such a decision as Kungsbacka, it is a way of stigmatizing people.


Kungsbacka City Council has decided to introduce extended language requirements during a trial period from 2023. See interview with Carita Boulwén (SD) who submitted the proposal and Fredrik Hansson (C) who is critical of the decision:

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The decision on language requirements is disputed.

Carita Boulwén (SD) and Fredrik Hansson (C) have different views on what the language requirements should look like in Kungsbacka municipality's various activities.

Photo: Anton Johansson / SVT