Lee Jun-seok, CEO of People's Power, who is being treated at home after being diagnosed with Corona 19, launched an offensive targeting the election of non-captains of the Democratic Party of Korea.

In his SNS post, CEO Lee said, "If the Democratic Party also seeks a way out after the election with minority politics, it will inevitably become the '180-seat Justice Party'" and "I am not afraid of the '180-seat Justice Party'.

The 'minority politics' mentioned by Lee seems to refer to politics that puts women's agendas, such as feminism, at the fore.

Today, the Democratic Party elected Park Ji-hyeon, a 20-year-old activist from the 'Nth Room Chase Team Flame' activist, as the co-chair of the Emergency Response Committee, and established the power of President Lee, who focused on the so-called 'Attack Lee Dae-nam'.

CEO Lee said, "I'd rather not clutter up minority politics and give Kim Hae-young, Park Yong-jin, and Jo Eung-cheon a chance, who had been outcast by the Democratic Party.

He continued, "When the progressive party abandoned the wide battlefield of labor and social issues and replaced the sign with minority politics, the seawater they drank in a hurry in the end completely broke the balance of salt concentration in their body," he said. If you don't drink, you're thirsty and you've entered an infinite loop that you can't stand."

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)