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While Ukraine fears an encirclement of Kiev and promises a "relentless defense" of its capital against Russian forces, the inhabitants of the capital rush to the station to flee by train.

This means of transport is now the safest for Ukrainians.   

The war in Ukraine continues to get bogged down and civilians clearly no longer seem to be spared by the Russian army.

The Ukrainian intelligence services accuse him of having killed seven people on Friday March 11, civilians trying to use one of the famous humanitarian corridors set up near Kiev.

Russian pressure is growing on the capital and civilians are trying to flee by train.

"The train is the safest"

Last reminder for train 86-25, direction Kiev-Lviv, just on time on track number 3. At 2:50 p.m., the convoy begins to roll but it is too late for Sergei: "nothing serious, we will take a next train where we will go elsewhere" he comments at the microphone of Europe 1.

Heavily loaded, Yvan and Violetta opt for the voice of reason and also choose the train: "by car, it's very dangerous, you can get shot. As the airspace is closed and you can't fly, the train is the safest" explains Yvan.

No need to provide change, the ticket is free: "People wait for the train and sit down. Whoever manages to get on, so much the better. Whoever doesn't get on is waiting for the next one" explains Yvan.

Go home before the fresh flowers dry up

This will be the case of Liena late.

The only thing she hadn't planned: "There's something to eat for the first few days, for us and for the cat. Clothes to change into, shoes for the trip too. That's all , and the cat too, of course!"

she explains.

In Liena's mind, it's a departure but not an exile: "we're leaving for a week at the most. We said to ourselves that we had to go back before the fresh flowers we left at home dry. We have a goal." 

At platform number 10, a train also arrives just on time.

Punctuality, as a last element of peace.