China News Service, March 12. According to the US Chinese website, on the 11th local time, a poll showed that if US President Biden and former President Trump face off again in 2024, their approval ratings will be comparable.

However, neither Biden nor Trump seems to be the ideal presidential candidate for voters, with more than 50% of respondents dissatisfied with them.

Data map: US President Biden.

  According to the report, a new poll released by the "Wall Street Journal" shows that if Biden and Trump face off again in 2024, their approval rating is 45%.

  Polls say neither Biden nor Trump appear to be voters' ideal presidential candidates.

57% of voters said they were not satisfied with Biden, while 55% said they were not satisfied with Trump.

Nearly 15 percent of voters have a negative view of both.

Data map: Former US President Trump.

  The report pointed out that it is very likely that Trump and Biden will face off again in 2024.

  Biden has said he would run for re-election if he is healthy, while Trump has repeatedly hinted that he is considering a run.

Polls show Trump will land the Republican nomination if he runs in 2024.