China Weather Network News Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue orange fog warnings at 06:00 on March 13:

  It is expected that from the morning to the morning of the 13th, parts of southeastern Beijing, northern Tianjin, central, eastern and southern Hebei, Shandong, central and eastern Henan, northern Anhui, northern Jiangsu, eastern Shanxi, and northern Liaoning, as well as the southern Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea. There is heavy fog in parts of the central and southwestern waters, Laizhou Bay, the coastal waters of Shandong Peninsula, and the coastal waters of Jiangsu. Among them, there is visibility in parts of northern Tianjin, central and eastern Hebei, central and western Shandong, central and eastern Henan, and eastern Shanxi. Strong dense fog below 200 meters, with local visibility below 50 meters strong dense fog.

  Defense Guide:

  1. Haze weather significantly reduces air quality and affects health. Residents need proper protection;

  2. Due to the low visibility, the driver should control the speed to ensure safety;

  3. Take measures at airports, highways and ferry terminals to ensure traffic safety.