The red flag is pictured in the wind, and it is another year of Chinese New Year.

Beijing Jingxi Hotel, witness historical moments and record the footsteps of the times.

  This is an important historical moment on the road to strengthening the army - on March 11, 2013, at the plenary meeting of the PLA delegation at the First Session of the Twelfth National People's Congress, President Xi Jinping called on the entire army: To build a team that obeys the command of the Party and can win battles , the people's army with a good style of work.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, President Xi has clearly put forward the party's goal of strengthening the military in the new era, clarified the mission and tasks of our army in the new era, and made a series of strategic plans and deployments to accelerate the modernization of national defense and the military, so as to promote the cause of strengthening the military to achieve historic achievements. , a historic change has taken place, providing strategic support for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  Over the years, President Xi has boarded warships, chariots, and fighter planes, walked border defenses, entered posts, and arrived in platoons. Forge ahead on a new journey.

  "We have created a glorious history through unity and struggle, and we have to create a better future through unity and struggle." In the past few days, representatives of the People's Liberation Army and the Armed Police Force who attended the Fifth Session of the 13th National People's Congress, both inside and outside the venue, talked freely about President Xi's efforts to lead a strong army. Touching stories and moving moments one by one, I deeply realized the struggle feelings and historical responsibility of the army commander.

Happiness comes from struggle, and struggle itself is a kind of happiness.

  ——Xi Jinping

  The commander-in-chief's call inspires us to strive forward

  "Countless ordinary heroes have worked hard and have gathered together to form a torrent of high-spirited progress in China in the new era." On the eve of this year's New Year's Day, I heard President Xi compliment in his New Year's message, "People's Liberation Army officers and soldiers, armed police officers and soldiers are committed to strengthening the army and defending the home and the country." Paulin represents ups and downs.

  On that day, in the northern Xinjiang of the motherland, Baolin and his comrades ushered in the New Year on the battlefield where the water was dripping into ice.

As a border guard, Baolin holds a glorious memory in his heart: On January 26, 2014, President Xi braved the freezing cold of minus 30 degrees Celsius and came to Aershan, Inner Mongolia, to visit the officers and soldiers on duty in the wind and snow. A border defense company's Triangle Mountain post and company station.

  "I remember that President Xi got out of the car and walked a patrol road, boarded the post and picked up a high-powered telescope to check the border situation. He also operated the post's video surveillance system, signed his name on the observation registration book, and said to the sentinel on duty cordially, ' Today, I am on duty with you."

  Before the inspection, President Xi delivered a New Year's message.

The warm words, Baolingong neatly copied in the notebook: "We have overcome various difficulties and challenges together, and achieved new and remarkable achievements. The achievements are hard-won, and condensed everyone's hard work and sweat."

  From "our blueprint is magnificent, our struggle will be arduous", to "no pie in the sky, only hard work can make dreams come true"; "Roll up your sleeves and work hard"; from "do not rush in fantasy, do not focus on false voices", to "hard work, hard work and do not slack"... New Year's greetings for 9 consecutive years, the deep feelings of struggle are consistent and exciting.

  Why are we fighting today?

The delegates said that the commander-in-chief's call was the warmest and most powerful.

  Struggle is the echo of a century of history and the call of the general trend of the times——

  From Shikumen to Tiananmen, from Xingye Road to Fuxing Road, the achievements of a hundred years are inspiring, and the experience of a hundred years is inspiring.

  President Xi profoundly pointed out: "In the past 100 years, all the achievements of the party and the people are the result of united struggle, and united struggle is the most significant spiritual symbol of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people."

  "It's more urgent for boats to stray in the middle, and the road for people to reach the middle of the mountain is steeper." The representatives said that the world has undergone great changes unseen in a century, and the evolution has accelerated. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has entered a critical period. A hundred miles is half-ninety sober.

  At the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, President Xi issued an order: "The road ahead will never be smooth, and we will inevitably face various major challenges, major risks, major obstacles, and major contradictions. the great struggle that characterizes the history."

  At the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, President Xi emphasized: "Today, we are closer, more confident and capable of realizing the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation than at any time in history, and at the same time we must be prepared to pay more arduous and more difficult tasks. for hard work."

  "The new era is the era of strugglers", "The new era will definitely be an era of great promise"... Revisiting President Xi's encouragement, the delegates felt that the mission was on their shoulders, and they must move forward with a heavy burden and work hard.

  Struggle is to live up to the feelings of the people, and it is the adherence to the original mission——

  "I understand what the common people need. One thing I look forward to is to let the villagers have a full meal of meat and eat meat often." During an overseas visit, President Xi told the story of his struggle in Liangjiahe in his youth.

  "The people's yearning for a better life is our goal." The delegates said that President Xi led the entire party, the army and the people of all ethnic groups to win the battle against poverty as scheduled, build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way as scheduled, and achieve the first centenary goal. Starting a new journey to build a modern socialist country in an all-round way, it shows the family and country feelings of "I will have nothing and live up to the people".

  During the Chinese New Year of the Tiger, President Xi emphasized: "The greatest happiness in the world is to strive for the happiness of the people. With the people in our hearts, the truth in our hands, and the right path in the world, we are full of confidence and strength."

  "Happiness comes from struggle, and struggle itself is a kind of happiness", "The Chinese dream of strengthening the army is the dream of the people, the country, the army, and the dream of every officer and soldier"... Representative Ma and Pali said , the commander's repeated encouragement and entrustment, stated the causal relationship between struggle and happiness, explained the inner relationship between "small self" and "big self", and inspired us to forge ahead in a new journey and make contributions to a new era.

  Strengthening the military industry is done, and it is impossible to do without a piece of energy or a piece of energy.

  ——Xi Jinping

  The commander is solid, leading us to overcome difficulties

  On the eve of this year's Spring Festival, President Xi went to the Central Theater in uniform to inspect the construction of the theater and the operation of the theater's joint command center, and expressed condolences to the overseas peacekeeping team in the form of a video call.

  On the eve of August 1, 2013, in this camp, President Xi inspected the organs of the former Beijing Military Region and extended festive greetings to the officers and soldiers.

  "From the military region to the theater, the leadership and command system of our army has taken on a new look, and the reforms and changes are unprecedented." Representative Wang Fang from the central theater was filled with emotion.

  Looking back on the extraordinary journey of struggle and realizing the achievements of reform and opening up new struggles, the delegates deeply admired President Xi's determination and will to lead a strong army.

  "Since the appointment, I have been sighing in the night, fearing that the entrustment will not be effective."

After serving as the chairman of the Central Military Commission, President Xi once quoted the words in the "Former Apprenticeship List" to express his heart:

  "We must always keep the Party and the people in mind, national sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity, and national defense and army building. We must never fail to live up to the heavy trust of the party and the people, and never fail to live up to the expectations of the officers and soldiers of the entire army."

  "These three thoughts and two never fail to express my thoughts and the motto I set for myself."

  Representative Yu Hailong will never forget that in the golden autumn of 2014, President Xi personally decided and led the Gutian Army Political Work Conference to make arrangements for the political establishment of the army in the new era.

  During the meeting, President Xi invited Yu Hailong and other grassroots representatives to sit at the same table to eat "Red Army Rice".

"The younger generation is the future and hope of the party and the army. The revolutionary cause depends on you to continue to strive, and the fine traditions depend on you to inherit and carry forward." Yin Yin urged Yu Hailong to keep it in mind.

  Starting from Gutian again, President Xi led the entire army to promote political training in the spirit of rectification, comprehensively strengthened party leadership and party building in the army, and further promoted the construction of a clean and clean government and the fight against corruption in the army, and resolutely investigated and punished Guo Boxiong, Xu Caihou and Fang Fenghui. , Zhang Yang and other serious violations of discipline and law, and thoroughly eliminate the influence of their toxic effects, and promote the fundamental improvement of the political ecology of the people's army.

  Representative Wu Jieming can't forget - in the early winter of 2015, the Central Military Commission reform work conference was held in Beijing, and President Xi issued a mobilization order to deepen the reform of national defense and the military.

  "'Is it difficult or easy to do things in the world? If you do it, the difficult will be easy; if you don't do it, the easy will also be difficult.' "President Xi personally served as the leader of the Central Military Commission's Leading Group for Deepening National Defense and Military Reform, and personally determined the major work arrangements for the reform. The reform was drastic and steady.

  "This is the most extensive and profound reform of national defense and the military since the founding of the People's Republic of China. The three major campaigns of reform of leadership and command system, reform of scale structure and force composition, and reform of military policy and system are not only 'moving pawns', but also And 'moving the chessboard' and 'moving the chess rules'." Representative Wu Jieming, former political commissar of the National Defense University, said, "President Xi personally gave us the flag, which injected inexhaustible impetus for us to devote ourselves to the tough battle of reform."

  Representative Tan Min, former deputy chief of staff of the Central Theater Command, will never forget that at the beginning of the new year in 2018, the Central Military Commission organized the entire army for the first time to conduct training and mobilization.

  At the shooting range of a regiment of the Army in the Central Theater Command, more than 7,000 officers and soldiers lined up in full armor and mighty force. Nearly 300 units of equipment were neatly lined up and majestic. President Xi stepped on the parade stage in uniform and issued an instruction to the whole army.

  "The weather was very cold that day. After the training and mobilization meeting, President Xi boarded the 99A tank and Hongjian-10 missile launcher independently developed by my country. When inspecting the digital individual combat system, President Xi not only asked carefully, but also Pick up the gun and experience it yourself," Tan Min recalled.

  The delegates said that President Xi paid the most attention to military training and preparations, and asked the most serious questions. He went deep into the battlefield and visited the training grounds again and again. He repeatedly emphasized that the only fundamental standard of combat effectiveness should be established, and the quality and level of training and preparations should be improved.

Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping's decision-making, the whole army has vigorously rectified the problems of peace, paid great attention to actual combat military training, accelerated the construction of the joint combat command system, and strengthened the construction of new combat forces. The preparations for military struggles have achieved remarkable results.

  Firmly and flexibly carry out military struggles, effectively respond to external military provocations, deter "Taiwan independence" separatist acts, and carry out major tasks such as border defense struggles and maritime rights protection... Sort out the "transcripts" of the people's army's mission and tasks in the new era since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Delegates are very proud.

  "In recent years, we have emphasized that we must prepare for a great struggle with many new historical characteristics. It is with such mental preparation that we can calmly deal with a series of risks and tests." On the eve of the National People's Congress this year, President Xi profoundly pointed out: Countless facts It tells us that only with the spirit of meeting the brave and winning through narrow paths, daring to fight and being good at fighting, can we win dignity, win the initiative, and earnestly safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests.

This is also the common aspiration of all representatives.

We are all running hard, we are all dream chasers.

  ——Xi Jinping

  The commander's caring expectations inspire us to continue to struggle

  On June 29, 2021, in the Golden Hall of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the "July 1 Medal" awarding ceremony-

  101-year-old Red Army veteran Guo Ruixiang is in a wheelchair.

President Xi solemnly decorated him with a medal, and said emotionally to the old hero who has worn military uniforms all his life: "Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the party."

  This warm picture remains in the hearts of many representatives.

The delegates said that the commander always cares about the strugglers.

  Awarding Medals to Fighters—On the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, President Xi personally awarded the "July 1st Medal"; on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the "Medal of the Republic" was awarded for the first time; on the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, The "August 1st Medal" was awarded for the first time.

  Reply to the strugglers - President Xi replied to the centenarian veterans of the Shanghai New Fourth Army History Research Association, praising their "deep love for the party is admirable." The achievements of volunteer soldiers and heroic models will never be forgotten by the party and the people"; for 8 newly recruited college students from Nankai University, "Wang Jie Class", "Model Camp on the Plateau Frontiers", and the 10th Squadron of the Fourth Detachment of the Shanghai Armed Police Corps on duty Wait for the officers and soldiers of the grassroots units to reply, and praise everyone's achievements and progress.

  Let the strugglers be cared and respected - adjust and establish a number of allowances and subsidies for grass-roots positions, increase military parental support subsidies and spouse honor funds, convalescent policies benefit all members of military families, and introduce new policies for military family medical benefits...

  "The new era is an era of great achievements and talents through struggle." The delegates said that President Xi had high expectations for young officers and soldiers.

  At the National People's Congress in 2014, President Xi met with some military deputies from the grassroots and front lines, and had a cordial exchange with the representative Xie Zhengyi, who had served as the instructor of the "Lei Feng Company".

"President Xi encouraged me and my comrades to be the 'seeds' of Lei Feng's spirit, so that the spirit of Lei Feng could be widely spread in the motherland." Xie Zhengyi recalled.

  In the spring of the same year, when President Xi went to the Air Force to investigate, he said emotionally: "Our generation has been educated and grown up by the deeds of Comrade Jiao Yulu. For decades, Comrade Jiao Yulu's deeds have been in my mind, Comrade Jiao Yulu His image has always been in my heart. Comrade Jiao Yulu has always been my role model when I was an educated youth, went to university, joined the army, and served as a cadre.”

  Talking about the admiration of the commander-in-chief Jiao Yulu, Zhu Fuhai, a representative from the Air Force, was deeply touched: "Chairman Xi used Jiao Yulu's story to educate everyone many times, emphasizing the need to carry forward Comrade Jiao Yulu's 'dare to teach the sun and the moon to change the sky', ' Revolutionaries must be heroes in the face of difficulties.”

  "No matter how the times change, the spirit of enduring hardship cannot be degenerated, and the will to fight cannot be slackened." Representative Zhao Yanquan from the Navy said that President Xi came to the Sailor Restaurant to have lunch with everyone during his inspection of the Navy's troops stationed in Sanya.

Sailors scrambled to report their life pursuits based on their own duties and making contributions to the barracks. President Xi was very happy to hear that.

  Chairman Xi said earnestly to the sailors that the living conditions of the troops have been greatly improved, and various guarantees have been done well. Will quality.

  "Over the years, we have kept the chairman's advice in mind, and carried out the island chain training on a regular basis, strengthened the military struggle for rights at sea, and tempered the blood of the soldiers in the battle position." Representative Zhao Yanquan said that many comrades in arms have more than 200 days a year to fight the storm at sea. , No matter how tired you are, you will become an iron bone.

  "We are all running hard, and we are all dream chasers." Reviewing the inspiring words of the commander-in-chief, the representatives talked about the struggle and growth that took root at the grassroots level——

  Representative Qian Shumin devoted himself to submarine combat research and left a new track in the depths of the ocean; representative of Jiangba Kezhu always maintained a charge attitude and seized favorable opportunities to carry out special training under severe cold conditions; representative Feng Wei flew to different regions to perform diverse missions , to deliver anti-epidemic materials to many countries...

  "The journey is long, and there is only struggle. Through struggle, we have overcome difficulties and thorns, and we have overcome thousands of rivers and mountains. We must continue to struggle, move forward bravely, and create more splendid brilliance!" The representatives said that President Xi integrated the strengthening of the army into the strategy of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The overall situation, planning for 2027, forward-looking operations planning for 2035, and far-reaching strategies for 2050 have put forward a clear roadmap, timetable, and task book for the road to strengthening the army with Chinese characteristics, and pressed the "fast-forward button" to build a world-class army. .

We have a long way to go, and time does not wait for us. We must run out of the acceleration of striving for a strong army in the new era, and continue to push the cause of strengthening the military forward.