Yemeni legitimate forces inflict heavy losses on the Houthi militia on the Marib fronts

 Violent battles between the Yemeni legitimate forces and tribes on the one hand, and the terrorist Houthi militia on the other hand, resumed on the fronts south and west of Marib, and north of Hajjah, with the intensification of coalition fighters to support raids against Houthi positions and reinforcements in separate areas.

Field sources south of Marib confirmed that the army and tribes were able to repel a large-scale attack by the militias towards their positions in the Al-Faliha front in the Ramli axis, before launching a counterattack on the militias and incurring great losses.

Clashes resumed between the two sides in the eastern al-Balaq axis after the Houthis attempted to infiltrate the southern side of the eastern al-Balaq and al-Lajma area, according to the sources, confirming that the attempts were thwarted and the Houthis inflicted deaths and injuries among its members.

The forces and tribes repelled a Houthi attack towards their positions in the northwestern front of Marib, starting from the Al-Alam area of ​​Al-Jawf Governorate, and inflicted heavy losses on them.

For its part, the Arab coalition fighters launched a series of supportive raids, which thwarted the Houthi attacks and attempts to infiltrate the army and the tribes, and inflicted heavy losses on them.

Field sources indicated that the raids led to the destruction of 5 Houthi combat vehicles in Al-Juba, which arrived through reinforcements coming from Sana’a, and also targeted 8 Houthi combat vehicles that were pushed towards the Al-Rawda and Thana area, coming from the Khawlan area in Sana’a.

On the other hand, the Houthi militia failed to launch a ballistic missile from the Serwah district, west of Marib, which exploded when launched, causing a huge explosion in the district, according to local sources, confirming the arrival of Houthi cars to the district to transport the dead and wounded who were killed in the failed attempt.

In Al-Jawf, the coalition fighters destroyed Houthi reinforcements in the Al-Dhahra area of ​​the Khub Wal Sha’af district, the largest district of the governorate.

In Al-Bayda, coalition warplanes bombed Houthi gatherings in the Thura front in the Mukayras district, which is witnessing confrontations between the joint forces and the militias, which led to the destruction of Houthi weapons outposts that were targeting villages adjacent to Lawdar District in Abyan with artillery.

In Hajjah, the Yemeni forces exchanged artillery shelling with the militias on the Bani Hassan front in the Abs district, while the coalition fighters launched three raids on Houthi sites in the area and another in the vicinity of the liberated Hiran district.

In Saada, coalition warplanes bombed a Houthi gathering in the Shada district, and another in the Al-Far` area in the Kitaf district, and targeted a Houthi position in the Malahit district of Al-Zaher district, which led to the destruction of vehicles and the killing of five Houthis.

On the western coast, the National Resistance Forces carried out a tactical exercise with live ammunition (Qadisiyah 3), as part of the program to continue rehabilitating the brigades and units of the Republic’s guards, coinciding with the training courses for the new batches newly joined in its ranks, which included detour operations, opening loopholes, ambushes, storming open areas and controlling sites and fortifications. The enemy is clearing apartment buildings and securing them.

In Taiz, the Houthi leader, Awad Al-Jahlani, and the leader, Kamal Al-Jahlani, were killed after clashes broke out with the Houthi leader, Murad Al-Junaid, in Al-Hawban, east of the city of Taiz, against the background of the oil derivatives crisis.

In the capital, Sanaa, informed sources confirmed that the Houthi militias have brought combat reinforcements from their supporters in the Marib and Al-Bayda governorates to the capital with the aim of encircling it for fear of any riots and demonstrations for the city’s residents in light of the escalation of calls for the Houthis to leave, in light of the economic crises provoked by Houthi elements. It narrowed the lives of the city's residents.

The sources indicated that the militias carried out a campaign of kidnappings against many residents of the capital during the past two days on the impact of those anti-Houthi leaflets that appeared in the streets of the city, including officers from the former army and various security services, and sheikhs from the tribes of the capital city.

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