Sudan: AU and UN join forces to find a way out of the crisis

Demonstration in Khartoum, Sudan, December 30, 2021. REUTERS - MOHAMED NURELDIN ABDALLAH

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The crisis opened by the October 25 coup is still deadlocked in Sudan.

The violent repression continues and the civil forces refuse to negotiate with the military.

But an obstacle to a political solution was removed on Thursday, with the announcement that the United Nations and the African Union were joining their efforts to find a political solution.


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The representatives in Sudan of the United Nations and the African Union wanted to mark the spirits.

They appeared together Thursday in Khartoum at a press conference, hand in hand for a photograph.

And they announced a “ 


” to mediate together, with one voice.

Their common goal, explained AU special envoy Mohamed Hacen Ould Lebatt, is to restore constitutional legitimacy and

end the military coup


It is also to open a transition to a civilian and democratic regime, said the head of the UN mission, Volker Perthes.

Time is counted


We don't have much time to act.

We have to find a solution before June

 ,” added Volker Perthes.

June is indeed the next deadline for Sudan's debt, as the country's economy has been methodically collapsing for several weeks.

Until then, the two organizations conducted consultations separately, without much result.

But this time, the Forces of Freedom and Change, the civil opposition coalition, welcomed the joint UN-AU initiative, which is a novelty.

She also recalled her basic demands: the repeal of the state of emergency, an end to violence against demonstrators and the release of her political prisoners.


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