China News Service, March 11. According to foreign media reports on the 10th, France will hold the first round of voting in the presidential election in April.

The latest polls show that nearly 80% of French people predict that incumbent President Emmanuel Macron will win the presidential election.

FILE PHOTO: French President Emmanuel Macron.

  According to reports, a poll by a consultancy commissioned by Le Figaro showed that about 79% of French people predicted that incumbent President Emmanuel Macron would win the election, an increase of 13 percentage points from last month.

In addition, 68% of respondents believed that a conflict with Russia would benefit Macron's re-election.

  The poll also showed that 47% of French people rated Macron's leadership as head of state during his five-year tenure as "good", up 6 percentage points from the December poll.

Twenty-three percent of French think his performance in government is "very poor".

  According to previous reports, on March 3, Macron released a "Letter to the French People" through a number of French media, announcing that he was officially running for re-election as French President.

  Macron was born in Amiens, a city in northern France, in 1977. He graduated from the University of Paris X, Sciences Po, and the French National School of Administration. He has served as Deputy Secretary-General of the French Presidential Palace and Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs of France.

In May 2017, Macron was elected the eighth and eleventh president of the French Fifth Republic.