People's Daily Online, Beijing, March 11 (Reporter Sun Hongli) Online shopping for medicine is favored by more and more people because of its convenience and speed.

  Medicines, as special commodities, are related to life, health and personal safety.

Recently, the official WeChat account of the Shanxi Provincial Food and Drug Administration issued a reminder for online drug purchases, saying that there are many false and exaggerated drug advertisements online, claiming to be foreign anticancer drugs, secret recipe drugs for treating intractable diseases, cheap imported drugs, magical health products and other products. The safety risk is relatively large, and the quality and safety of drugs are difficult to guarantee. Consumers should carefully check the drug approval number and purchase them rationally.

  In addition, do not listen to the false advertisements and exaggerated propaganda of health food by unscrupulous merchants, and do not use health food to treat diseases.

  The Shanxi Provincial Food and Drug Administration reminds consumers to check whether the online drugstore has publicized the "Internet Drug Information Service Qualification Certificate" and "Drug Business License" when purchasing drugs online, and check whether the relevant qualifications are within the validity period.

  When purchasing medicines, consumers should purchase them rationally according to their own conditions or doctor's orders; when purchasing prescription medicines, they must be reviewed and approved by a licensed pharmacist with a doctor's prescription.

After the drug arrives, it is necessary to check whether the outer packaging of the drug is damaged; check whether the actual drug is consistent with the package, instructions, and the details of the drug displayed at the time of purchase; check whether the label or instruction manual states the generic name of the drug, main functions, usage and dosage, and Notes, etc.

  At the same time, note that some medicines have special requirements on storage temperature. In severe cold and hot weather, it depends on whether the delivery conditions of the medicines can guarantee the appropriate temperature.

Consumers should immediately stop the drug for observation in case of abnormal reaction after using the drug, and seek medical attention immediately if a serious abnormal reaction occurs.

  It should be emphasized that the "Drug Administration Law" clearly stipulates that the online sales of vaccines, blood products, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, toxic drugs for medical use, radioactive drugs, pharmaceutical precursor chemicals and other drugs subject to special state management are prohibited. These medicines cannot be purchased online.

  The Shanxi Provincial Food and Drug Administration reminded that online purchases of drugs need to retain evidence of consumption that is sufficient to prove the contractual relationship, such as chat records, transaction vouchers, receipts, etc.

Once there is a problem with the drug, the evidence can be preserved by taking photos, videos, etc. If necessary, you can call the complaint and report hotline: 12315 or 12345.