China News Service, Beijing, March 11 (Reporter Liang Xiaohui) As China's top leader, at the National Two Sessions, Xi Jinping is good at telling some vivid stories to clarify the principles and policies related to the national economy and people's livelihood, which makes people listen to it. thought-provoking.

  These stories have a common direction - the people.

  ——“People come first, life comes first, and protecting people’s lives and health can be done at all costs.”

  The words that Xi Jinping said when he participated in the deliberations of the Inner Mongolia delegation in 2020 are still fresh in our memory.

At the deliberation site, Xi Jinping made this statement when he told the story of a Hubei People's Congress representative fighting the epidemic.

  "More than 3,000 patients with new coronary pneumonia over the age of 80 were treated in Hubei, and one of them was an 87-year-old old man. The 10 or so medical staff around him took care of him for dozens of days, and finally saved the old man's life." Xi Jinping said slowly.

  "What is the supremacy of the people? With so many people surrounding a patient, it truly shows that we will do whatever it takes." Xi Jinping said with emotion.

  During the deliberation, Xi Jinping mentioned the "people" dozens of times, which made people see the weight of "the people" in his heart.

  ——“You can’t throw away the guy who is eating in your hand first.”

  Carbon neutralization is a hot word in China's development in recent years.

This year, when Xi Jinping participated in the deliberations of the Inner Mongolia delegation, he made such an analogy when he talked about his thoughts on China's realization of the "dual carbon" goal.

  In order to better understand the meaning of it, he also shared a story that he had seen.

  "Sun Yat-sen told an interesting story back then, satirizing some people." Xi Jinping said in a succinct manner: There was a coolie who usually took a bamboo pole to pick things out for others.

One day, I bought a lottery ticket and hid it in a bamboo pole. Suddenly I found that my number had won the jackpot. When I was happy, I threw the bamboo pole into the river.

It was only when they arrived at the prize-receiving place that they found that the lottery ticket had been thrown into the river with the bamboo pole.

This is an empty bamboo basket.

  History warns that Xi Jinping's story has real implications.

In order to achieve the "dual carbon" goal, it is inevitable that some parts of China will have to step a little faster, step a little bigger, and even step on the "sudden brakes" and engage in sports-style "carbon reduction". risks of.

  "Carbon reduction must grasp the principle of establishing first and then breaking." Xi Jinping's story is thought-provoking: the realization of the "dual carbon" goal cannot be achieved by quick success, let alone at the expense of harming the vital interests of the people.

  ——"Is there no 'Bantou Office'?"

  People take food as their heaven, and a porridge and a meal are not easy to come by.

At the National Two Sessions in 2019, when Xi Jinping participated in the deliberation of the Henan delegation, he brought up the famous local "mantou office", which brought out a piece of history.

  "Henan people love to eat steamed buns. In the past, there was a 'steamed bun office' in Zhengzhou. The inability to buy steamed buns was also a factor of instability. Now there is no need to set up a special agency." Xi Jinping recalled.

  Henan is a large grain province and the epitome of Chinese agriculture.

The "steamed bread office", which manages the steamed bread industry, reflects the problem of food and clothing that has lasted for thousands of years in China.

  Today, the Chinese are well-fed and well-fed, and the "mantou" has entered history, but Xi Jinping still cares about the people's meals.

  This year's National People's Congress, Xi Jinping visited the members of the agricultural, social welfare and social security circles who participated in the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and once again paid attention to this important matter of people's livelihood.

"Everything is easy, and eating is the most important thing." He said, "We must not relax in the slightest about food security." "We have to rely on ourselves to feed China."

  From anti-epidemic, "double carbon" to food security, three stories, "people" are consistent.

As Xi Jinping said: "People's livelihood is no trivial matter, and the branches and leaves are always related to love." (End)