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The United States and European allies blame the head of European diplomacy, the Spanish

Josep Borrell

, for the failure of the plan to transfer 28 Polish MiG-29 fighter-bombers to


, so that country can better defend itself from the Russian invasion that it has suffered for more than of two weeks.

This is what the Washington newspaper


affirms in a report in which it indicates that, by announcing the plan on February 27, Borrell, on the one hand,

made public an operation that was secret

and, on the other, advanced a decision that has not yet been made.

had been agreed upon by the NATO allies and that it did not have the consensus of the US government either.

"The transfer [of the planes] would have been possible had the behind-the-scenes agreement been upheld, but that was impossible after Josep Borrell, the EU's head of Foreign Affairs and Security, unequivocally declared to the press on 27 February that the bloc was going to supply fighter-bombers to Ukraine," the article states.


maintains that "the announcement came as a shock to many, including allies in Eastern European capitals, who

wanted the transfer to be done quietly


The sources for that statement are "senior American and European officials," although the newspaper does not name names.

According to that account, Borrell's statements caused the Ukrainian government to strengthen its request for the planes and launch a public relations campaign.

At the same time, Slovakia and Bulgaria, which also have Soviet-made fighter-bombers similar to Ukraine's, have been quick to withdraw from any project to deliver such aircraft.

The result was a

chaotic and uncoordinated operation

, which could hardly be described as a negotiation, and which ended with Poland trying to force the delivery and the US rejecting it.

At the same time, the Defense Department and the US spy agencies hardened their opposition to the plan since, being public, it could end up drawing NATO into direct armed confrontation with Russia.

Finally, the Pentagon warned that the US F-16 fighter-bombers that should be delivered to Poland so that country could replace the MiG-29s should first go through a process of withdrawing technological elements that Washington does not want other countries to possess, Even if they are allies.

That would mean it would take weeks to complete the replacement.

Interestingly, according to


the Biden team never questioned the usefulness of delivering the MiGs to Ukraine, despite the fact that, according to the official US version, one of the main reasons why the operation did not take place was because l

Airplanes would not substantially change the balance of forces in the war


In other words: the MiG-29s could have been a great help to the Ukrainians.

In the end, the US refused to carry out the operation.

In return, the former Warsaw Pact countries are considering delivering Soviet-made S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine, which will significantly increase the Kiev government's ability to defend its airspace.

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