Viry-Châtillon is not Afghanistan.

The proof may be provided by a court since the mayor of the town of Essonne has filed a complaint, on behalf of his city, against Eric Zemmour for defamation.

The reconquest candidate!

to the Presidency of the Republic declared on France Inter, on February 7: “What I am saying is that in Roubaix for example, it is Afghanistan two hours from Paris.

And it's not just Roubaix.

There are Trappes, there is Viry-Châtillon, there is Vitry, there are all the suburbs.


According to the complaint, "it is indisputable that the remarks made do indeed undermine the honor and consideration of the commune", because Afghanistan is "a theocracy led by the Taliban, an armed group which took power by force and, in particular, violent and torment artists, women and religious minorities”.

This complaint with civil action was received on Wednesday by the senior investigating judge at the Evry court, according to a source familiar with the matter.

A deliberation of the municipal council of February 16 authorized the mayor of Viry-Châtillon to file a complaint and to constitute a civil party on behalf of the city.

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In addition, the mayor of Trappes (Yvelines), a city also compared to Afghanistan by the far-right candidate, told AFP that he was not going to file a complaint.


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