China News Service, March 10. According to the Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Tian Beichen, a representative of the National People's Congress of Hong Kong and a member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, put forward proposals at the two sessions this year, including regulating Internet celebrity fraud and acting to gain traffic chaos; Regulate online game boosting platforms, etc.

  Tian Beichen said in his suggestion that with the popularity of short videos on mobile phones in recent years, the short video APP on mobile phones has developed vigorously, bred many Internet celebrities, attracted tens of millions of fans, and was sought after by many netizens. The discourse power of communication has been delegated to ordinary users, and the authenticity of the content has become difficult to trace.

The state should rectify the unfavorable trend of online celebrity fake blog traffic and promote the orderly development of the Internet ecology.

  In August 2021, the State Press and Publication Administration issued the "Notice on Further Strict Management and Effectively Preventing Minors from Indulging in Online Games".

Tian Beichen pointed out that there are still power-leveling platforms that lure and encourage minor users to conduct power-leveling transactions. Through the power-levelling platform, minors can easily obtain other people's game accounts to log in to the game, and the game duration and time period are not limited, which leads to prevention. Addicted to supervision is useless.

  Tian Beichen also said that the commercialized and large-scale power leveling operation uses minors to seek commercial interests, which is equivalent to cheating. People addicted to online games have adverse effects on normal life, learning and healthy growth.