There are three ovens in the glass cabin.

The one in the middle is the largest and draws the most electricity.

Linda changed an older gas oven to a new electric oven a couple of years ago, partly for the sake of the environment.

The oven needs to be on 24 hours a day, all year round, and then it consumes a lot of electricity.

- I get rid of 14,000 kWh a month, so then the electricity price is important, she says.

SEK 10,000 a month is a regular bill for her one-man business.

This winter with skyrocketing electricity prices, she has managed decently thanks to the fact that she has tied electricity prices since before.

But now she will soon tie the deal, and fears more expensive prices.

- I think you should be able to know that certain things work.

Electricity should not be a luxury item, at least not here where I live where we produce so much electricity, says Linda.

"Do not understand how they think"

SVT has reported that expanded backbone networks are expected to lead to significantly higher electricity prices in the north, and at the same time slightly reduced prices in the south.

The government also wants to review the possibility of abolishing the various electricity areas, which would probably have the same effect.

Really more expensive electricity in the north.

Many in southern Sweden have this winter complained about sky-high electricity bills and questioned why electricity is more expensive in the south.

Sweden, together with Denmark, is one of the few countries in the EU where electricity prices differ in different parts of the country.

As a private person, Linda Isaksson's family will receive compensation for the high electricity prices for the villa this winter.

As a sole proprietor, she is actually much more sensitive to the price of electricity, but there is no compensation.

She says that there are possibly measures she could take to reduce electricity consumption.

But it would require new investments, in an even more frugal oven or to rebuild the cabin. 

- I do not understand how they think.

Why should we get more expensive electricity because we have an asset they want in southern Sweden.

What compensation do we get in the north, for things that exist in the south?

We produce a lot of electricity here.

Having a good stable electricity price is a prerequisite for living here as well, says Linda Isaksson.