Victor Chabert 06:28, March 10, 2022

This is the first debate since all the candidates are on the starting line.

This Thursday evening, Valérie Pécresse will debate with Eric Zemmour on TF1, from 8:15 p.m.

A first part devoted largely to the international question, then to questions of economy and security.

One month before the first round, the two candidates are down in the polls and are counting a lot on this event.

Eric Zemmour and Valérie Pécresse prepare their debate meticulously.

Thursday evening, at 8:15 p.m. on LCI, the two candidates for the presidential election will face each other.

The Republican candidate has received many contributions from her teams, but she then works alone.

As for Éric Zemmour, his diary was arranged yesterday and today to free up his time.

Both want to convince the same electorate: the voters of François Fillon in 2017, but do not have the same objective.

Valérie Pécresse will target those who might be tempted to go to Reconquête!.

She wants to show them that she is the one who has the solutions to turn the page on Macron's five-year term and that she will keep her commitments.

A debate to restore the image of Zemmour?

Eric Zemmour, meanwhile, wants to convince that he is the only candidate from a strong right.

His team is also sifting through the 20 years of commitment of Valérie Pécresse.

He wants to put her in front of her contradictions and what he considers to be her reversals. 

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Whether on the side of Valérie Pécresse or Eric Zemmour, the issue is crucial: the entourage of the candidate Reconquest!

even hopes that this debate will allow him to bounce back.

He lost nearly 5 points, among voters who had voted François Fillon in 2017, in recent days.