Art says its word at the “Expo Dubai” celebration of women

Messages to girls.. from Rami Malek, a Sudanese poet and her mother

  • Al Wasl Square celebration witnessed various segments and performances.

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  • Amy Mahmoud presented a poem inspired by the event along with her mother.

    From the source

  • Rami Malek: "The obstacles that stand in the way of achieving equality between women and men are man-made, and we must remove them."


Art and creativity recorded a remarkable presence during Expo 2020 Dubai's celebration of International Women's Day, which was marked by a diverse program of dialogues and events that sent supportive messages and poems to women.

Expo 2020 Dubai, as part of its celebrations of International Women's Day, presented stimulating events and inspiring discussions for women around the world that liberate their positive energies from fear, to continue success and overcome challenges in cooperation with men. To collective action towards empowering women in various fields.

Al Wasl Square, the beating heart of Expo 2020 Dubai, witnessed the night before last, a celebration highlighting the exceptional achievements of women around the world.

A variety of performances were presented during the celebration, including performances, dances to the tunes of composer Thomas Russell, and a performance by the prestigious Kingdom Choir, which includes singers and soloists from all over the United Kingdom.

Sudanese-American poet Amy Mahmoud performed a poem inspired by the event alongside her mother.

While the American-Egyptian actor, Rami Malek, saw that the difficulty lies in the state of denial that the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving equality between women and men are the man's creation, and we must remove those obstacles.

Malik chose to recite a poem entitled "New Days" by Mandy Warren, as it speaks of acknowledging the pain of experience while looking forward to the opportunities and possibilities that the future may hold.

On the occasion of International Women's Day, which is being held this year under the slogan "Breaking Prejudice", and through an inclusive platform, "Expo Dubai", in cooperation with "Cartier", hosted a forum during which artists Yara Shahidi and Hend Sabry, and actor Edgar Ramirez spoke about how women can overcome stereotypes in culture. public, whether in television, movies, magazines, or on social media.


The day before yesterday, Expo 2020 Dubai launched a pledge to contribute to the elimination of discrimination against women and the pursuit of greater gender equality.

In a symposium organized by the Women's Pavilion in cooperation with Cartier, and which witnessed a large presence at the Dubai Exhibition Center in the celebration of "Expo 2020" on International Women's Day, the event inaugurated the pledge, while a large number of partners and participants signed it.

The pledge stipulated that the signatories commit to creating momentum for gender equality and women's empowerment, and combating stereotypes that impede progress.

The pledge, which Expo 2020 and the rest of the signatories of the partners and participants are committed to, also states: “Let us work to eliminate discrimination and make this world a better, more just and secure place in which women can live with dignity and respect.”

Inspiring future leaders

The “Breaking Prejudice” forum witnessed the reading of a number of messages addressed to girls born in 2022 by participating celebrities including Nadine Labaki, Edgar Ramirez, Julie Gayet and Dhafer El Abidine.

The messages aim to inspire future women leaders and encourage them to take their rightful place in society and achieve their goals in an equal world.