China News Service, March 10. According to Japan's "Chinese Herald" report, starting from March 14, 2022, the gate of Japan, which has been closed for two years due to the "new crown control", will be opened to international students again. The Japanese government also stated that it will speed up the reception. It is estimated that more than 100,000 international students will arrive in Japan by the end of May.

However, after a long wait, the mentality of some international students who want to go to Japan has undergone major changes, and they do not know whether it is a good choice to fly to Japan at this time.

  According to reports, Wu Yulin, a student from China, is a first-year graduate student at Aichi University of Education. She is actually still in Hunan after taking classes for almost a year.

Wu has been an international student of the university since April last year, but due to the impact of Japan's tightening of border control of the new crown, he has been unable to go to Japan for a long time.

For Wu, arriving in Japan as soon as possible is an important step to fulfill her dream of studying abroad.

"If you just continue to take online classes, studying abroad will become meaningless," she said.

  Online teaching has various advantages, but the disadvantages are also very obvious.

Wu said that in the online class, the teachers are not very visible, and they cannot experience the learning atmosphere at all.

Student Wu has been "studying abroad" for almost half of the time, but she is still in Hunan, and her "study abroad" in Japan will end with one year left. Student Wu Yulin feels that she has not grown through studying abroad at all, and is very distressed.

  Although Wu is taking online classes, the admission fee of 280,000 yen (about 15,000 yuan) and the tuition fee of 530,000 yen (about 30,000 yuan) a year must be paid to the school in full. The disguise increased her psychological burden.

Generally speaking, when entering the second year of postgraduate students in Japan, in addition to their studies, teachers will guide students to find jobs and practice social activities. If student Wu can successfully arrive in Japan during this period, she will face her studies directly. , The multiple pressures of daily life and interpersonal communication, but there is no buffer zone.

  In addition, the high price of international air tickets for the spring semester may also create certain obstacles for Chinese students to go to Japan.

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Japan has blocked more than 150,000 international students, and various educational institutions in Japan are always looking forward to the return of international students so that schools can maintain normal business activities.

The Japanese government's "Smooth Entry Plan for International Students" implemented on March 14 is a temporary solution.

The specific policy mentions that the upper limit of the total number of people entering the country will be increased to 7,000, and an additional 1,000 places will be given to foreign students entering the country.

  The Japanese government said that the flights from Monday to Thursday have fewer passengers and can receive 8,000 international students in four days; the flights from Friday to Sunday are busier and receive 2,000 international students in three days; according to this number, a total of 1 is received seven days a week. 10,000 international students, and about 100,000 foreign students waiting to enter Japan for ten weeks by the end of May can successfully arrive in Japan.

In the future, the upper limit of the total number of people entering the country and the new entry quota for foreign students will be gradually increased according to the specific quarantine capacity of the airport.

(Wu Yan)