Since Russia invaded Ukraine, interest in the defense has increased.

The Göta Engineering Regiment Ing 2 has received several inquiries in recent weeks.

- It is officers who have chosen to quit who are interested in re-employment who have heard of it, then it is the others who have heard of it who asked if you can come in and support the Armed Forces by working in Eksjö, says Ann-Charlotte Ekman Hellman who is Chief of Staff at Göta Engineering Regiment Ing 2.

Lack of officers

Today, the government announced that two percent of GDP, the gross domestic product, will go to the defense.

With the investment, more young people will be able to do their military service.

But for the regiment in Eksjö to be able to grow and become larger, more measures are needed.

- Today we have a shortage of majors and captains in their 40s.

In order for us to grow, we must bring in more officers who in turn train conscripts, she says.