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The Israeli government has begun to bring in groups of Ukrainian Jews, according to the emergency plan announced with the exacerbation of the Ukrainian crisis.

The Israeli government - with its various ministries - employed the war in Ukraine, and in cooperation with the Jewish Agency, the World Zionist Organization, the Ministry of Security and the Israeli Army, the emergency plan to bring in Jews from Ukraine and Russia came into effect.

The plan, based on the records of the Jewish Agency, showed that in Ukraine there are about 200,000 and in Russia 600,000 are entitled to immigrate to Israel, knowing that 20% of those who came to the country to this day to escape the war are entitled under the Israeli “Law of Return,” while citizens are examined. The Ukrainians who landed in Tel Aviv if they had Jewish roots.

Israel guarantee

Israel took advantage of the intensification of battles on the Ukrainian lands, the preoccupation of the West and America with the war and its repercussions, and the exacerbation of the displacement and refugee crisis for Ukraine's neighboring countries, to launch, unanimously, a "national-Zionist" campaign, without any international opposition, to bring in the Jews of Ukraine.

The Israeli Interior Minister, Ayelet Shaked, revealed the details of the campaign aimed at bringing in 100,000 Ukrainian and Russian Jewish immigrants and resettling them in the country, claiming that they are fleeing the war in Ukraine.

"As a small country, we have a problem absorbing large numbers of immigrants and refugees, we have to tell the truth, which is that European countries are open to these Ukrainian citizens and they can work in them," Shaked said during the Channel 12 conference.

Reception of 100 children from Ukraine's Jews who were transferred to Israel (Al-Jazeera)

Ukraine and Russia

It is likely that the coming period will witness a "dramatic" increase in the number of Ukrainian Jews who will be brought into the country, as Israel continues the campaign under the cover of providing protection, security and safety to Ukrainian families who face a threat to their lives.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett took advantage of the mediation role between Ukraine and Russia, and asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to help Moscow to evacuate about 8,000 Israeli citizens stranded in Ukraine.

"Israel will focus on absorbing Jewish refugees from Ukraine. We are obligated to receive Jews fleeing from dangerous places, and to feel that the door is open and the house is warm," the Israeli Prime Minister said, during a conference on Jewish immigration and the Ukrainian crisis, which was held on Monday evening.

The Immigration and Absorption Council, which was set up specifically to bring in the Jews of Ukraine (Al-Jazeera)

Recruitment and settlement

In parallel with the Israeli mediation role between Moscow and Kiev, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed an intense activity of representatives of the ministry, the Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organization at the land crossings of the countries neighboring Ukraine, to register Jewish families fleeing from war and ready to come to Tel Aviv.

According to the report of the Israeli Population and Immigration Authority, since last February 24, Israel has allowed hundreds of Ukrainians to enter its lands, in addition to bringing in thousands of Jews from Ukraine.

In the first week of the war in Ukraine, about 3,000 Ukrainian Jews were brought in, and absorbed into special absorption centers in the Galilee and the Beersheba region and hotels in the Tel Aviv region, with some of them settling in settlements in the occupied West Bank, agricultural settlements and Jewish towns in the Negev.

plan and challenges

The Jewish Agency and the Zionist Organization - under the cover of the Israeli Foreign Ministry - continue to operate in the neighboring countries of Ukraine. During the second week of the war, they managed to register 5,000 Ukrainian Jews and complete their initial transactions for their recruitment into the country, knowing that the number of the Jewish community in Ukraine is approximately 200 thousand.

According to the "Israel Today" newspaper, the Israeli government drew up a plan, months before the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, to deal with the weekly transfer of 5,000 Ukrainian Jews to the country.

The various government ministries are participating in the plan, which is supervised by the Minister of Immigration and Absorption, Benina Tamno-Shata, who is of Ethiopian origin, in the special campaign to bring in Ukrainian Jews via flights from Europe.

Shata explained that the talk is about the most important and complex campaigns to bring Jews to the country in the history of the Zionist movement, and refused to reveal the complexities and challenges facing the campaign to bring Ukrainian Jews.

Recruiting dozens of Jews from Ukraine at Ben Gurion Airport (Al-Jazeera)

welcome all ukrainians

And Ben Gurion Airport in Lod was prepared to accommodate immigrants from Ukraine, including the delivery of identity cards, their absorption in absorption centers or hotels, and escorts at the beginning of their stay in the country.

In order to bring in the largest number of Ukrainian Jews, the Israeli Ministry of Interior issued instructions and instructions to institutions that are active in the campaign, confirming that all Ukrainians will be allowed to enter Israel without a special impediment.

The instructions state that every Ukrainian is allowed to come to the country even if an Israeli citizen invites them, as he is required to sign a pledge not to settle in the country, and he has to deposit a guarantee.

If no one from Israel invites them, the Ukrainians will enter as tourists, provided that there is no suspicion that they will settle in Israel, and if there is any suspicion, they will be transferred to interrogation, to be deported if it is proven that they intend to settle.