Central African Republic: dozens of soldiers dismissed from the national army

Central African soldiers during a parade celebrating the country's 61 years of independence.

August 13, 2021. (Illustration. AFP - BARBARA DEBOUT

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More than 80 soldiers have just been expelled from the army, according to a decree signed by the Minister of Defense at the end of last week, in particular for indiscipline, racketeering or even desertion.

Radiation of a large scale which takes place at a time when the population continues to denounce abuses on the part of the Central African Armed Forces (FACA) and on the part of their Russian allies.


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While some Central African media see it as a communication operation, the Central African presidency speaks of radiation in order to restore discipline within the Central African Armed Forces.

Its spokesman Albert Yoloké Mokopmé recalls that this is not the first time that a decision of such magnitude has been taken.

In 2021, there was the same thing, we are in the reconstruction phase of the army and the reconstruction cannot be done without discipline, without putting things in order.

And the discipline is applied today with the greatest severity.


“A decision to appreciate”

Of the more than 80 soldiers expelled from the FACA, seven were expelled for having extorted the population at roadblocks, the others were expelled for undermining the internal security of the State or even desertion, most would thus have joined the ranks of the CPC rebellion led by former President François Bozize.

Paul Crescent Beninga, one of the great figures of Central African civil society, said he was rather satisfied, if the facts are proven.


If indeed we come to sanction the elements of our Central African armed forces for rackets, for me it is a decision to be appreciated.

The same is true of cases of desertion, whenever we are confronted with rebellions, you will see that among the elements that constitute these armed groups, there are elements of the Central African armed forces.


Paul Crescent Beninga asks the Central African government to continue on this path while being "

strict and impartial

" and avoiding using these sanctions

"for any settling of scores



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