Austria has suspended the compulsory corona vaccination for all adults that has been in force since the beginning of February.

In view of the currently prevailing omicron variant of the corona virus, the obligation to vaccinate is not proportionate, said Constitutional Minister Karoline Edtstadler on Wednesday in Vienna.

With the decision to suspend compulsory vaccination, the government followed the recommendation of an expert commission.

When infected with the omicron variant, the disease progresses only mildly more often than with other virus variants.

Austria was the first EU country to introduce general corona vaccination on February 6th.

It applied to everyone over the age of 18.

However, the control of compulsory vaccination and the imposition of fines should not begin until mid-March, which has now become obsolete.

The introduction of a general obligation to vaccinate was decided last November at a federal-state conference as compensation for another step that everyone had previously ruled out, namely the renewed imposition of a general lockdown.

This was intended to dampen the expected irritation of vaccinated Austrians who had been promised that the pandemic was over for them.

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