Written messages salute the heroism of the rest in hearts

An overflow of feelings .. from visitors to "Expo Dubai" to "people of pride"

  • "Al-Nusab" revives the championships of the martyrs in the heart of "Expo Dubai".

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  • Gianlu: "I wrote two letters, the first with the group with which I came to Dubai, and the second in my name and the name of my wife and daughter."

  • Abdul Rahman Shakarneh: “It is wonderful to have the opportunity to express our feelings at the Martyrs’ Monument.”


Many visitors to "Expo 2020 Dubai" are keen to visit the "Martyrs' Monument", the UAE pavilion in the exhibition, in appreciation of the great role they played in defense of duty and humanity.

Guests of different nationalities insisted on leaving messages expressing their feelings about the "people of pride", praising the allocation of a decent space for heroes who sacrificed their blood for a just cause.

The Italian tourist, Gianlo, told "Emirates Today", after writing words to the martyrs of the Emirates: "It is a wonderful idea by all accounts that there remains a place for these heroes among us," noting that he wrote two letters, the first with the group with which he came to Dubai, and the second in his name. His wife's name is Ivana and daughter Princess (four years old).

He added that "he wanted to record in their names something, even a simple thing, in appreciation of the martyrs of humanity, considering the idea in itself a genius and reflecting the awareness of the organizers of the great role played by the men of the armed forces in general, and the martyrs who demonstrated great courage and sacrificed their lives for the sake of their countries."

Regarding his opinion of the “Expo Dubai” in general, Gianlo stressed: “It is exceptional by all standards, I belong to the city of Sicily, and I visited (Expo Milan), but what is happening here is a completely different matter, and there is no room for comparison,” he said, as the Dubai organized a global event.

For his part, the visitor Abdul Rahman Shakarna (from Jordan), who came with his wife to visit the Dubai Expo, said: “It is wonderful to have the opportunity to express our feelings at the monument to the martyrs. What we offer them is to express our appreciation for what they have done.”

The messages left by visitors to the "Dubai Expo" at the "Martyrs' Monument" carried an abundance of high human feelings, and Sabine Sathrapal wrote: "Dear brothers, your sacrifices can never be forgotten, and you will always remain a source of inspiration for us in the present and by future generations."

While the visitor, "Al-Jawhara", wrote: "From my country, Saudi Arabia, I express my sincere appreciation. You are a pride for us and for every Arab. You have my respect and prayers."

As for Lama, she wrote in her letter: “From the land of the Two Holy Mosques, we remember in our hearts everything you have been through. You are the good example, the example, and the story that tells us our roots.”

Shah Habib from Pakistan said: "My sincere love for the UAE and its valiant armed forces, and my love and appreciation for the martyrs of humanity who demonstrated competence, courage and responsibility, and did their best for the sake of the homeland and the human being."

As for Liu, he mentioned that a person's sacrifice of one's life for peace and freedom cannot be matched by work, and these martyrs live inside our hearts and in the feelings of the people who gave them help and giving.

Another visitor stressed, "The achievements of countries are preserved by loyal men who have dedicated their lives to their homeland. May God have mercy on the martyrs and grant them His mercy."

One of them addressed the families of the martyrs, writing: “Your sons are the pride and glory of this country. We cannot forget them.”

It is noteworthy that the "Martyrs' Monument" embodies the memory of the brave sons of the Emirates who were martyred to raise the flag of the nation, in order to bring peace and stability to the region and the world, and to provide humanitarian and development assistance to various needy peoples.

The edifice raised the slogan: "Our martyrs are a source of our pride and inspiration, and the noblest and most honorable person who represents the values ​​of the people of the Emirates that they inherited from their fathers and grandfathers."

Citizens: We will not forget you

Citizens who visited the "Martyrs' Monument" affirmed that what the UAE martyrs provided will remain immortal and cannot be forgotten. They are proud of what these martyrs did for their country.