Yuko Arimori's menopause-help!

Days of blaming myself-March 8 15:52

Yuko Arimori won the women's marathon medal for the second consecutive Olympic Games.

Mr. Arimori, who was the world's top athlete, also suffered from the symptoms of menopause.

She said, "I don't want to say that she's a woman's problem and men have to understand. It works differently, but there are many people who are worried about men."

Someone isn't bad.

She says that knowing more about menopause can


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I was really angry at the TV

Mr. Arimori, now 55 years old.

He first felt something wrong seven years ago, when he was 48 years old.

"Suddenly my body is hot flashes. I'm sweating so strange that I wonder if the clothes I'm wearing are okay. I'm wondering what to do. When I was thinking about the elements, a wave of hot flashes came again. The increase in the number of times made me wonder what was happening to my body. "

This symptom is one of the typical symptoms of menopause called hot flashes.

Mr. Arimori has been facing his body since he was young as an athlete, but at that time he had little knowledge about menopause and could not notice the cause.

Upsets are also especially psychological.

It seems that there is the most memorable episode.

"I was frustrated by the little things. For example, a TV drama is a normal myth, isn't it? For a drama that ended with a good ending in Shanshan, I went to the TV without permission. I was angry. Seriously. I suddenly returned to myself and thought, "Why am I so angry. This drama is okay." I'm tired because I get angry asexually ... That's why I started to turn off the TV. "

Besides, I loved to keep things tidy, but I got sick and went back and forth in the room.

It seems that conversations with friends are no longer in my mind, and people often say that I haven't listened to people.

"I can hear the words, but I can't imagine the content at all, and the sounds and words are just flowing in an incomprehensible state. During that time, I'm thinking about something completely different. However, I haven't heard it, but the number of scenes I can't understand has increased horribly. "


Overlapping career transitions and menopause

The time when I was suffering from symptoms coincided with the turning point of my career.

It has been several years since I retired from a marathon runner, and my main focus is on lecture activities.

He said that his work was going well, but he didn't feel well.

"It was a time when I started wondering how much I would have in my daily life after I stopped running, such as practicing like I used to improve myself and trying to do things I couldn't do. People around me are trying to do what they want to do, and there are friends who are taking on the next challenge even in the same age group. Do

you say ... "

" I have a lot of work to do, but I wonder if I'm doing what I want to do. "

Around this time, his physical condition continued, and he suffered from the gap between the image of "bright and healthy" from the world and himself who was not.

Not knowing that it was due to the menopause, the spearhead turned to himself.

"After all, at work, you have to be fine. You have to tell people what you are doing. Sometimes I thought this was a scam."

"(The problem) is a personality. It was like I was lazy, I wasn't trying hard, and I was taking more and more like that. "

In the diary at that time, the big heart was jagged, and it was painted black in some places.

The heart is Mr. Arimori himself.

Below that was written, "How can I be cured? Just fall ... Help someone!"

"I'm irritated by myself who doesn't meet my expectations, and if I write such a thing in my diary, I won't get any good words. Even though I'm writing" I'll do my best "or" What are you doing? ", Page 10 again. I wrote the same thing when I turned over. I was doing that repetition for about two years. "

However, I couldn't even tell anyone about the suffering.

I didn't know how to explain it.

"I don't know what to talk about. If the symptoms are clear, I can talk to you, but that's not the case. I think that's a big problem during menopause, and I clearly say," This is it, oh what. What do you think? ”And if the other person imagines“ I see ”, I can talk to you.”

“But I can't imagine it at all. Even if it is done, the content will be confusing to the other party, so I thought that there was nothing I could do about it. It's not that I can't talk, but I can't talk. "

Scales from the eyes "This is normal!"

The turning point came six years ago.

I happened to hear that a doctor who was on the stage in front of Mr. Arimori at a lecture explained the symptoms and mechanism of menopause.

"This is me!


"Menopause is a normal thing. It's a mild and heavy symptom, but it's a physical change that's happening to everyone. It's not something that blames you, it's not something that's personal, it's something that comes naturally. I was wondering how to accept it. I knew that there was a way to deal with it ... I think I was quite accustomed to it. I remember feeling half-crying at once. "

Immediately after undergoing a hormone level test at a gynecological clinic, treatment was started.

Chinese herbs didn't fit my body, but after six months of prescribing pills, my symptoms improved.

"The hot flashes fit all at once. Why don't you have this information! I want to tell everyone!"

It seems that he was able to get rid of his worries and become positive because he thought "this is a normal thing" mentally.

The overwhelming problem is the lack of information

Now, Mr. Arimori talks about his experience of menopause without hiding it.

I think it is important to know about menopause first in order to change the situation where people suffering from symptoms deepen their worries by themselves.

"I think that lack of information and not knowing are overwhelming problems, so I would like to give it as a reference. At home, if the family around me knows that it is a symptom of menopause, I wonder. It's less thoughtful and easier to communicate. If you don't understand how hormones affect your mind and body, frustration and other upsets can lead to "humanity."

"Talking about this problem. Sometimes either man or woman feels like an "enemy". Of course, women aren't bad, but I don't think men are bad either. I don't want to know, I don't want to know. Anyway, I want everyone to know. I want everyone to teach it naturally in classes such as health and physical education. After all, it seems that it is only for women, so this is a menopausal disorder A man who can't say what, isn't he like a mountain? "

"It's neither hidden nor funny"

Mr. Arimori says that the menopause is "my own deep digging".

Finally, he sent a message to those who are suffering from menopause.

"If you're a human, it's neither hidden nor strange. On that premise, you can say more and more to those who can say it, and you can thoroughly scribble what you can write down, leaving that kind of thing. I want you to get to know yourself. I want you to get over it even though it may be difficult because you think that you have a good opportunity to know yourself. I think you can overcome it together. "

Estimated adverse effects on work amount to 1 million people

Menopause refers to the 10 years before and after menopause, and symptoms such as hot flashes, sweating, depression, and insomnia may appear due to a rapid decrease in female hormones.

In addition, although there is no medical definition for menopause, male hormones may decrease due to stress or changes in the environment, and symptoms similar to those of females may occur.

According to a questionnaire conducted on the Internet, 20% of men in their 40s and 50s and 15% of women who answered that they experienced menopausal symptoms had some adverse effects on their work, such as quitting or being demoted. I'm answering.

The number is estimated by experts to exceed 1 million.

March 8th is "International Women's Day" set by the United Nations.

Overseas, some countries donate yellow mimosa flowers to the women and loved ones around them on this day.

Why don't you talk about each other's body and mind regardless of gender?

(Hiromi Akimoto, Reporter, Network News Department)