This Tuesday, the Toulouse police are still trying to verify the identity of the very young girls arrested Monday afternoon by the anti-crime brigade after having stripped a tram passenger of his bank card which they hastened to use.

The suspects, aged 13 for two of them and 12 for the other, say they are homeless.

Their ride was spotted around 2:30 p.m. in the Saint-Cyprien metro station.

The police found that they stuck the elderly too closely in the escalators.

They followed them from time to time thanks to Tisséo's video PC.

Duct tape and hustle

They left the metro at the Arènes, took the tram to Blagnac.

Then, they concealed with adhesive tape the coin slot of a ticket dispenser, forcing a user to use his card while they did not lose a crumb of his code.

They then followed him in a train and the images show them jostling him in the crowd.

The card cleverly changed pockets and the young girls were using it at a distributor at the time of their arrest.


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Toulouse: Serial arrests of teenage pickpockets in the metro

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