China News Service, Beijing, March 8th. On the morning of the 8th, the fifth session of the 13th National People's Congress held the second plenary meeting to listen to the work report of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and the work report of the "two highs".

  Punish corruption crimes in accordance with the law, comprehensively strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of women and children, use judicial judgment to promote the truth, the good and the beautiful, flog the false and the ugly, and protect the safety of the dining table. These important messages are conveyed in the work report of the Supreme Court.

On March 8, the second plenary session of the Fifth Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Sheng Jiapeng

Our country is one of the safest countries in the world

  In 2021, the people's courts will conclude 92,000 criminal cases such as online pyramid schemes, online gambling, and illegal use of information networks.

49,000 cases of serious violent crimes such as homicide, arson, and robbery were concluded.

9,984 cases involving guns and explosions were concluded.

56,000 drug crime cases were concluded.

4,586 criminal cases of assaulting police officers were concluded.

9,653 criminal cases involving the epidemic were concluded.

  In 2021, courts at all levels will conclude 1.256 million criminal cases of first instance and sentence 1.715 million criminals.

Eight types of major criminal cases continue to be at a low level, and the proportion of total criminal cases has steadily declined. my country is one of the safest countries in the world.

Qin Guangrong and other 14 former central management cadres were tried

  Punish corruption crimes in accordance with the law.

We concluded 23,000 cases of corruption, bribery and malfeasance and 27,000 people.

The trial of 14 former central management cadres including Qin Guangrong and Wang Fuyu demonstrated the firm determination of the CPC Central Committee to uphold discipline, fight corruption and punish evil.

  Carry out a joint investigation of bribery and bribery, recover illegal profits from bribery in accordance with the law, and cut off the interest chain of "hunting" corrosion and power and money transactions.

Intensified efforts were made to recover the illicit money from duty-related crimes, with 59.66 billion yuan actually recovered.

3356 domestic violence protection orders issued in 2021

  People's courts concluded 1.831 million marriage and family cases.

Resolutely opposed domestic violence, severely punished the perpetrators in accordance with the law, worked with the All-China Women's Federation to promote the implementation of personal safety protection orders and issued 3,356 protection orders to comprehensively strengthen the protection of women and children's rights and interests.

Strengthen judicial protection for the elderly, and implement the rules for visiting the elderly in judgments.

Severely punish crimes such as sexual assault, abduction and trafficking of women and children, and the purchase of abducted women and children

  Crimes that challenge the bottom line of law and ethics, such as the maiming of women, children, and the elderly, should be sentenced to death if the crime is considered a crime, and the death penalty shall be sentenced and approved according to law, and the authority of the rule of law shall be resolutely safeguarded.

In 2022, the protection of the rights and interests of women, children, the elderly and the disabled will be strengthened.

Severely punish crimes such as sexual assault, abducting and selling women and children, and buying abducted women and children, and strengthen judicial protection for abducted women and children.

Let the public no longer worry about their "face"

  Maintain the security of citizens' personal information.

Severely punish crimes of stealing and selling personal information through malicious programs, phishing fraud, and illegal intrusion into monitoring systems.

Those who infringe on personal information and incite online violence, insult and slander shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

Issue a judicial interpretation of face recognition, try the first case of face recognition, stop the abuse of face recognition technology, make the public no longer worry about their "face", and protect the security of biometric information.    

The case of infringement on Yuan Longping's reputation was written into the work report of the Supreme People's Court

  Vigorously promote socialist core values.

Promote the truth, the good and the beautiful, and flog the false and the ugly through judicial judgment.

Hear the case of infringement on the honor of Academician Yuan Longping, and resolutely safeguard the dignity of the Republic's meritorious service.

Hearing the case of a girl who is helpful to others and causes injury, it is

judged that there is no responsibility for helping others in good faith


Hearing the claim of the community security for sending the elderly to medical treatment, and dismissed the unreasonable compensation request.

Trial the case of the trafficker's escape and fall injury claim, and ruled that the chaser was not responsible.

In the trial of the high-speed rail Bapu case, it was judged that there was no need to take responsibility for exposing uncivilized behavior in public places.

Take forced relocation measures against parties who have occupied the sold houses for a long time and resisted the execution for a long time.

  Through a series of judicial decisions, encourage advocating heroes, helping neighbors, helping others, volunteering, and monitoring by public opinion,

never make concessions to tyrannical tyrants, never condone bad habits

, and let the general public know what a rule of law society advocates, what it opposes, what is forbidden.

"Touching porcelain rights" is not protected

  Maintain fair competition in the market.

Strengthen anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition justice.

Explore data rights protection rules.

Trial the unfair competition case of "Tea Yanyuese" milk tea v. "Tea Yanyuese", and impose sanctions on behaviors such as adhering to famous brands.

It is clear that "police-touching rights protection" such as "green pepper" is not protected.

Severely punish

criminals who produce and sell "

sick pork

" and "

poisonous strawberries "

  Keep the bottom line of people's livelihood and safety.

Severely punish criminals who produce and sell "sick pork", "poisonous strawberries" and "poisonous facial masks", and protect the safety of people's dining tables and medication.

Severely punish the crime of medical insurance fraud, and guard the people's "medical money" and "life-saving money".

The number of casualties caused by high-altitude parabolic objects has been greatly reduced, and the safety of the masses is more secure.

Severely punish fraudulent crimes such as "housing for the elderly", health care products for the elderly, routine loans, campus loans, etc., and maintain the safety of the people's property.