China News Service, March 8. According to Korean media reports, South Korea's Central Epidemic Prevention Countermeasures Headquarters stated that as of 0:00 on March 8, South Korea added 202,721 new confirmed cases of new crown compared with 0:00 the previous day, with a total of 4,869,691 confirmed cases.

  In addition, 186 new deaths were added that day, with a total of 9,282 deaths, with an average fatality rate of 0.19%.

There are 1,007 critically ill patients, an increase of 52 from the previous day.

  According to the report, the number of new cases in a single day decreased by 7,995 from the previous day, but it was 1.5 times that of a week ago (March 1) and doubled from two weeks ago (February 22).

With the increase in testing on weekdays, it is expected that the number of confirmed cases in a single day will increase significantly on the 9th local time.

  Previously, experts expected around March 9 to determine whether the pandemic peaked.

If the number of newly confirmed cases on that day is less than 300,000, it can be considered that the spreading momentum has reached an inflection point.