Emmanuel Macron, just candidate, said, in a sequence recorded upstream because of Ukrainian news, that the "great cause" of his next five-year term would be "still" gender equality, because there is still "much to do".

The outgoing president notably proposed "tripling the amount of the fine for crimes of sexist outrage", "doubling the number of investigators on subjects of intra-family violence and violence against women" and the "creation of a file of perpetrators of domestic violence".

National Rally candidate Marine Le Pen said she wanted "street harassers to be registered as sex offenders".

She also wanted to "create a status for women with endometriosis and free contraception for all and "not just for those under 25", as recently put in place by the government.

Ecologist Yannick Jadot wants the possibility of filing complaints in hospitals for victims of rape and verbalizing more street harassers, with more police.

It also plans to "reverse the burden of proof", in terms of wage inequality, so that it is up to the company to justify any wage inequalities.

Same proposals for the socialist Anne Hidalgo who also offers a billion euros against violence against women, in particular for places of reception, and faster justice, with social workers in the police stations to receive their complaints.

The Insoumis Jean-Luc Mélenchon pleaded for a police force specializing in cyberbullying.

He also wanted "more referents in transport" and "more education" vis-à-vis the boys.

He also recalled that he was proposing a 10% bonus for women in companies that do not respect the law on equality.

Candidate LR Valérie Pécresse wants to extend the free distribution of periodic protection in all Crous and tax these products at 2.5% as "essential goods".

She also wants "to prohibit the wearing of the forced veil for little girls in the street, punishable by a fine".

Eric Zemmour defended him as a "fundamental measure" his proposal to revitalize rural areas with a birth bonus of "10,000 euros".

He also judged that "it was essentially because women do not choose the same professions that there are wage differences between men and women".

The communist Fabien Roussel wants to set up equal pay for him "in one year" and will appoint "judicial administrators at the head of companies that refuse him".

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