Today, Tuesday, Apple will launch its first conference for 2022, through its official website, and it is expected that Apple will launch new iPhones during the conference.

Apple chose to name its first event of the year, "Peek Performance," which means "a peek into performance."

The conference will be broadcast through Apple's official website, or through the "Apple TV app", according to what the company officially announced days before the start of the conference.

What is expected at the Apple conference?

The company is expected to unveil at the conference - which will be held virtually via the Internet - a new low-cost iPhone.

According to the speculations and leaks that spread around this conference, Apple is about to launch a new version of the iPhone SE3 phone, a new version of the iPad Air 5 tablet, in addition to the latest version of the operating system for its devices. iOS 15.4 (iOS 15.4).

The first iPhone in 2022

Experts' expectations have previously revealed new aspects related to the specifications of the new iPhone.

It is expected that this phone will attract more than one billion users currently for “Android” systems, as reports revealed that the phone will not support the latest and largest “MagSafe” technologies, the famous magnetic wireless charger from Apple, while the phone is expected to support The new wireless charging "Qi" used in Android phones.

The report also indicates that Apple has already started producing both the iPhone SE3 and the new iPad Air 5 tablet.