"The corporate health protocol will also disappear from next Monday" and "we will resume normal rules in business", announced the minister.

She specified that it would be necessary “obviously to continue to apply hygiene rules”, such as washing hands, cleaning surfaces and ventilating the premises.

“The rules of distance will disappear”, as well as those applied in collective catering, she specified.

As for teleworking, "we had already given control back to companies", it therefore already depends on "rules which are defined in social dialogue within companies", recalled the minister.

A reference guide on "measures to prevent the risks of contamination with Covid-19 outside of an epidemic situation", shared by the minister with the social partners, must replace the national protocol in companies.

“In the current circumstances where the virus continues to circulate, employees who wish to do so will be able to continue to wear a mask, without the employer being able to oppose it”, indicates this guide.

"The Covid-19 referent continues his missions. In small companies, he can be the manager. He ensures the implementation of the defined measures and the information of the employees", he specifies.

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