On the roadside where four family members fell, suitcases and backpacks that they would have taken with them on their trip when they were happy someday were lying around, and in the cage for carrying dogs, a dog who did not know English was barking pitifully.

A mother, a teenage son, and a daughter who appeared to be about eight years old had already died, and the soldiers tried to take care of his father, who had not given up his lifeline, but he did not find consciousness.

According to reports such as the New York Times and The Times Sunday Times, on the 6th (local time), a family who went to escape from a mortar shell fired by the Russian army exploded on a road in Irfin, a small town on the outskirts of Kiev (Kyiv), the capital of Ukraine. I had a bowel movement.

As the Russian troops invading from the north continued their southward toward Kiiu, residents of small towns northwest of Kiiu, such as Irfin, Hostomer, and Bucha, were forced to flee to Kiiu.

But the journey is equally risky, the media pointed out.

The bridge has already been blown up by Ukrainian forces to slow the Russian advance.

It is possible to somehow cross the river through the wreckage of the destroyed bridge, but the road to access the bridge is exposed on all sides, and there is no way to escape the unpredictable Russian artillery fire.

Amidst the occasional shelling, the family who suffered the accident ran along the road in groups with other refugees, but the shells flew and exploded as if they were aimed at them.

As the concrete clouds lifted up with a thunderous explosion lifted, Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers rushed to help a family who had fallen on the road.

But my father and the rest of the family had to be separated forever, with no time to say goodbye.

The tragedy of these families and the escape route that risked the lives of residents in the northern outskirts of Kiiu, including Irfin, caused anger and sadness around the world as photos and videos taken by local reporters and residents spread widely through the media and social media of each country. evoking at the same time.

In particular, the Associated Press photo of hundreds of refugees gathering under the broken bridge received world attention as it was reported in many influential media outlets.

In this photo, refugees are gathered together with Ukrainian soldiers guiding them, carrying luggage or holding pets, looking impatient.

With the Russian military offensive against Kiiu expected to begin in earnest, the escape at the risk of the lives of the residents of northern Kiiu has no choice but to continue, and there is a high risk of repeating the same misfortune that their families experienced.

Refugees are guided by volunteers wearing prominent yellow armbands today as well, running on an open road where you never know when shells will fall.

The bombardment of these civilians was intentional, Ukrainians claim.

But residents of Irfin believe it's safer to flee than to stay at home when Russian troops advance, the Sunday Times reported.

Kiiu's defense commander, Olexi Kuleva, said the road to Kiiu was too dangerous, saying Irfin was virtually under siege.

"Unfortunately, without a ceasefire, we cannot evacuate the people," he said.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has condemned Russia's attacks on civilians as "barbaric" and US Secretary of State Tony Blincoln has warned that such actions could constitute "war crimes".

(Photo = AP, Yonhap News)