Jacques Serais 2:19 p.m., March 07, 2022

Emmanuel Macron has officially been a candidate for the presidential election since Friday March 4.

The time is therefore now in the countryside, despite the international context and the war in Ukraine.

The head of state planned his first trip as a candidate on Monday, and went to his campaign headquarters for the first time.

Emmanuel Macron's presidential campaign began this weekend.

The activists are mobilized, and despite the Ukrainian context, a major towing operation was organized at the end of last week.

The Head of State will now make his first trip as a candidate.

He will be this Monday evening in Poissy, in the Yvelines, to discuss with the inhabitants.

But before, the candidate president went to his campaign headquarters, in the 8th arrondissement of the capital, where Europe 1 was located.

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Emmanuel Macron arrived late Monday morning in the back of his presidential car and escorted by his security service.

An entrance from the back of the building for a first visit to his HQ.

The candidate Macron physically brought together a hundred people, including former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, the mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi, or even Natacha Bouchart, the mayor of Calais. 

Elected officials but also actors from civil society, invested in the associative and educational world were invited, as were the elected officials who granted their sponsorships to Emmanuel Macron.

In total, 1,900 people were invited to follow this meeting by videoconference.

"Ambassadors" to carry its balance sheet and its project

The candidate's campaign team calls this first circle of support "ambassadors."

The message that their address Emmanuel Macron is that he needs them and that they are relays to carry his balance sheet and his project.

But also that he intends to rely all the more on them in this context where the presidential candidate will have less time than expected to devote to the campaign.


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This Monday evening Emmanuel Macron will be in Poissy, at his friend the mayor Karl Olive.

He must speak in a "big debate" inspired format at 6:30 p.m. in front of 200 people.

"Residents and not activists", assures one in the entourage of Emmanuel Macron.