The man worked as a school curator in Jönköping municipality and had 19,000 child pornographic images and films.

He was discovered via tips from Swiss police and admitted during the first police interrogation.

He had also shared the files with others.

The district court sentenced the man for a serious child pornography offense to three months in prison and probation.

The man is now convicted again for four child pornography offenses after 2,200 pictures of children who were abused were found on his mobile.

Probation has not had an effect

754 images are judged to be of small children who are used particularly ruthlessly.

According to the court, this is still not a serious crime as the number of images for such a context is considered low and it can not be established that all images are from actual abuse.

The district court finds that the ongoing probation has not had any effect on the man, who is thus sentenced to nine months in prison.

The man confesses to the crime.