From now on, I will tell you about the presidential election.

Advance voting, which was held until yesterday (5th), turned out to be the highest ever, but the management of the confirmed person's voting was 'a mess'.

There was chaos all over the polling place.

Reporter Im Tae-woo reports.


There is no appointment for more than an hour after the preliminary voting for confirmed and quarantined people, which was said to be possible from 5 pm yesterday.

Voters who have been waiting in the cold wind even with the symptoms of Corona pour out their anger.

[Pre-Vote: Are you voting for this now?

(The public has to go inside after the end of the day.) No, then they told me to come by 6 o'clock.] The

voting started with difficulty, but more confusion arose one after another.

Voters stop election clerks handing out ballots without ID verification.

[Pre-voter: (The confirmed person receives a text message on their cell phone, so they believe it.) Text?

how do you believe that

I was told to bring a text message and ID together...


Some places say that there is no separate ballot box for confirmed cases and there are places that ask you to put your ballot paper in a shopping bag


Why do you keep creating controversy?]

Voters' patience ran out where the election clerk offered to put it in the ballot box instead.

[Early Voter: Where is the proxy voting for the ballot box, my God?

It's a presidential election, right?

It's not an election for president...


Marking paper management was also poor.

[Pre-vote: I thought it was an empty envelope, and just looked at it, and I just saw that there was one (voting paper) stamped inside.

It 's stamped.]

There were people who said they couldn't believe it and wanted to give up early voting.

[Advanced voters: We can't vote in advance.

I'll cancel.

This is a total fraudulent election.

give me mine

(Wait a minute, I'll cancel it.)]

Even in the midst of such chaos, the early voting turnout for the 20th presidential election was finally counted at 36.93%, which is more than 10 percentage points higher than the 2017 presidential election or the 2020 general election.

(Video editing: Seunghee Lee)