After the opening meeting of the Fifth Session of the 13th National People's Congress, the first "Minister's Channel" interview activity was held, and some heads of relevant ministries and commissions of the State Council who attended the meeting were invited to be interviewed through online video.

  Xinhua News Agency: Grain production has attracted much attention this year.

We also noticed that because of the severe autumn flood last year, the area of ​​late planting of winter wheat was relatively large.

Food production was also emphasized in the government work report just now.

May I ask Minister Tang, what is the current grain production situation in my country?

And is there any guarantee of a bumper grain harvest throughout the year?

  Tang Renjian: I would like to thank this journalist friend for his attention to the food issue.

In the past two years, everyone has noticed that food security and food crisis have always been a hot topic due to the superposition of epidemics and disasters.

Against this background, I believe that everyone should have a deeper and more real understanding of the phrase "have food in your hands, don't panic in your heart" that we have said over the years.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly warned us that the Chinese people's rice bowl must be firmly in their own hands at all times, and the rice bowl mainly contains Chinese food.

In the just-concluded government work report, Premier Li Keqiang also emphasized that to ensure food and energy security, the grain output will continue to remain above 1.3 trillion kilograms.

I think this is a "military order" for us, a hard task that must be ensured.

  Tang Renjian: As the reporter just observed, this year's grain production is indeed facing great difficulties. First, summer grain production. Last year, the five provinces of Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Shaanxi and Shanxi were affected by the rare autumn flood, and the late-planting area of ​​winter wheat reached 110 million. mu, which is about half a month later than normal in previous years, which accounts for 1/3 of the total area of ​​winter wheat.

In the previous paragraph, we went to the grass-roots level for research, and many food experts and scientific and technological personnel told us that this year's seedling situation can be said to be the worst in history.

We dispatched before winter, and the proportion of first- and second-class seedlings in these five provinces was about 20 percentage points lower than in previous years, so it should be difficult to tell the situation.

But I think that in the face of this situation, we have the confidence and determination to win the tough battle of ensuring summer crops and a bumper harvest.

I think this confidence comes from at least three aspects: First, the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to it, and the policy support is very strong.

Since last winter and this spring, the general secretary and prime minister have given several instructions on this year's summer grain production.

As mentioned in the government work report just now, the state has raised the minimum purchase price for wheat and rice.

At the same time, we have extended the planting income insurance and full cost insurance of the three major grains to more than 820 main producing counties in the main producing provinces across the country.

In addition, the Prime Minister also mentioned in the government work report just now that in view of the fact that the price of agricultural materials has risen a lot this year and the cost of farmers' grain cultivation has increased rapidly, agricultural materials subsidies will also be implemented for grain farmers, which will help farmers grow grain. It is possible to enhance the internal motivation of the main producing areas to grab grain.

Second, all areas acted quickly.

It should be said that technical support is also in place.

In response to this year's seedling situation and special difficulties, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has formulated special work plans and technical guidelines for a period of time. The fundamental thing is to seize the three key periods of greening, jointing and grouting, and increase the application of greening fertilizer and "one Key measures such as "spray and three preventions" have been put in place, so that in summer grain production, we estimate that there will be a big change in the seedling situation.

Not long ago, we learned through research that many provincial (autonomous regions, municipalities) secretaries, governors, and mayors have gone to the grassroots level to conduct research in villages and households, and go to the fields to check the seedlings, which is very gratifying.

Third, let us also introduce some situations to our reporter friends. We should not be so discouraged. So far, there are some favorable conditions for summer grain production.

First, through the efforts of various parties in the autumn and winter planting last year, we stabilized the sown area of ​​winter wheat at 3.3% of the previous year.

At the level of more than 300 million mu, the area was first stabilized.

Secondly, although there was an autumn flood last year, the moisture content was very good after that.

In addition, before winter and this spring, there have been several rains and snows in the main producing areas, so the bottom and surface moisture of the land are very good at present, which is also what many farmers say that this is a rare occurrence in many years.

The third is the transformation of seedling sentiment. We dispatched in the previous paragraph. The first and second types of seedlings mentioned earlier have increased by seven or eight percentage points compared with the previous period. The accumulated temperature in the main producing areas since the last winter has increased by more than 100 degrees year-on-year, which is equivalent to an extra leaf. , so this foundation is also more gratifying.

  Tang Renjian: Of course, we must not only focus on summer grain production, but also focus on the whole year, according to every variety, every season, every region, and every link, to do a good job of grain production throughout the year, the core is to maintain the area .

Not long ago, with the approval of the State Council, we issued grain production targets and tasks to all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), and at the same time, we must implement the requirement that the Party and government should be equally responsible for food security.

In addition, it is necessary to coordinate and promote various departments to ensure the supply of agricultural materials, and to do a good job in disaster prevention and mitigation.

Finally, there is a situation to report to you, that is, although our food supply and demand have always been in a state of tight balance, and this year's food production has encountered great difficulties, the total amount of our food supply is abundant and there is no problem.

I remember that when I was here last year, I reported to you that our per capita food possession reached 474 kilograms.

So this year, I can tell you that when it reached 483 kilograms, it has increased by 9 kilograms over last year.

Therefore, under the guarantee of this total amount, no matter how the international situation changes, we have the ability to ensure that the 1.4 billion Chinese people will have their meals on time every day, and they will not be hungry, and their rice bowls will be more stable and better.

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