The head of Russia's National Defense Command Center, Mizhantsev, said in Moscow on the 5th that the opening of humanitarian corridors in the Donbas cities of Mariupol and Vornovaha was blocked.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also confirmed that the Ukrainian side could not safely evacuate civilians through the humanitarian corridor.

  At the briefing of the Humanitarian Emergency Response Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters that day, Miztsev said that according to the relevant request of the Ukrainian side, the Russian side entered the "silent mode" at 10:00 Moscow time on the same day, for the city of Mariupol in the Donbas region. Open a humanitarian corridor with the people of Volnovaha.

Russia and Ukraine have negotiated routes and transportation issues, and the Russian armed forces are responsible for ensuring the security of the humanitarian corridor.

  Mizantsev said that 200,000 and 15,000 residents in the cities of Mariupol and Vornovaha were fleeing the fighting, and so far, these people have not yet reached the humanitarian corridor.

He said that at about 10 o'clock Moscow time, the positions of the Russian armed forces were attacked by fire from these two places.

The Ukrainian side used the "silent mode" of the day to redeploy and integrate its forces, strengthening its positions in Mariupol and Vornovaha.

  The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on social media that day, saying that the Russian army violated the agreement reached by Ukraine and Russia that day and continued to shell Mariupol, Volnovaha and other cities, making it impossible for the Ukrainian side to safely evacuate civilians through humanitarian corridors. As well as the delivery of medicine and food, the statement called for an immediate ceasefire by the Russian military.

  The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry stressed that once security conditions are in place, Ukraine will work with humanitarian organizations to prepare to evacuate civilians.

  The second round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine was held in the Belovezh Forest in Belarus on the 3rd, and the two sides reached an understanding on the establishment of humanitarian channels.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on the 5th that it has opened a humanitarian corridor for the people of Mariupol and Vornovaha in the Donbas region.

Podoljak, an adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine, confirmed the news on the same day.