The Yemeni legitimate forces incurred losses to the Houthis in Marib and Hajjah and thwarted a terrorist operation in Hodeidah

The pace of battles between the legitimate Yemeni forces and tribes on the one hand, and the terrorist Houthi militia on the other hand, intensified on the fronts south of Marib, during the past few hours, during which government forces and tribes were able to launch a surprise attack on the militias in the Mala’a mountain range, leaving dead and wounded among the ranks Houthis.

Field sources confirmed that the battles between the two sides continued today, Friday, on the fronts of Mala’a, Al-Akda, and the southern areas of the eastern Balk mountain range, noting that the battles in the sandy axis are at their most intense.

 For its part, the coalition fighters launched raids in support of militia gatherings and locations in Marib, which resulted in the destruction of combat mechanisms and the death and injury of dozens of Houthis.

Meanwhile, the militias bombed the Ma'rib Governorate with two ballistic missiles, one of which fell on the house of the poet Ali Suwaidan al-Aqili, west of Harib, causing deaths and injuries among his family members, while the second landed near a residential area in the city of Ma'rib.

On the other hand, a Houthi network of mines exploded with its members in southern Marib, according to local sources, confirming that there were deaths and injuries among the Houthis as a result of the explosion of a network of mines planted by its members previously in the Al-Juba district.

In Hajjah, 20 Houthis were killed and others wounded, in coalition raids that targeted gatherings of them in Haradh, which led to the destruction of five combat vehicles, and also targeted a Houthi site near the liberated Hiran district, according to field sources, confirming the death of the leader Abdul Salam Al-Hakim, a relative of the prominent Houthi leader Abu Ali Governor.

Field sources denied the Houthis' progress or control of the Al-Huthirah area on the road linking Haradh and Midi, north of Hajjah Governorate, and said that the battles are taking place in the east of Haradh, and the Bani Hassan area in the Abs district, which are tens of kilometers away from that area.

For its part, the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced the implementation of 15 targeting operations against militias in Hajjah during the past 24 hours, which led to the destruction of nine military vehicles and human losses among the militias.

In addition, the militias continued to send fighting crowds to Hajjah, via the Saada-Al-Mazraq road, the Hoth-Ahem road, and the Hodeidah-Abs road.

The militias had failed to mobilize fighters in the areas of Azhar, Dhu Souda, Al Mukhadhara, and Dhul Suleiman, located between the governorates of Amran and Hajjah, as the tribes in those areas refused to send more fighters to the Houthi fronts, which prompted the latter to kidnap the elderly Ali Nasser Ahmed, 90, at the time. The background of his refusal to send three of his sons to fight with the Houthis.

In Al-Jawf, coalition warplanes launched six raids on Houthi sites in the northern axis of the province, according to field sources, confirming the destruction of Houthi combat mechanisms that were on their way to the Al-Ajasher front, north of Hajjah.

In Saada, coalition fighters destroyed Houthi vehicles that were on their way to the Hodeidah Gates area in the Baqim front, and another in the Shada district, bordering with Saudi Arabia.

In Hodeidah, coalition warplanes thwarted a terrorist operation towards international shipping in the Red Sea by targeting booby-trapped boats in the Al-Hayma port in the Tuhayta district, south of the governorate, before using them against shipping lines.

The militias had tried to exploit these areas and had developed boat-booby-trap workshops far from those targeted by the coalition fighters in the Salif port, north of the province.

In Ibb, the Radma area, north of the governorate, witnessed Houthi-Houthi clashes against the backdrop of sharing royalties imposed by the militias on the area’s market shops, which left dead and wounded among its members.

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