Russia and Ukraine are not giving up on negotiations.

In the second round of negotiations, it was agreed to open a humanitarian channel for the evacuation of civilians in Ukraine and a temporary ceasefire around the channel.

The two sides promised to hold a third round of negotiations as soon as possible to further discuss issues such as a full-scale ceasefire.

This news is by Kang Cheong-wan, a reporter.


Delegations from Russia and Ukraine held a second round of negotiations in the Belavesch Forest, Brest Province, southwestern Belarus.

The delegations of the two countries said they could not reach an agreement for a full armistice, but first agreed to open a humanitarian channel for the evacuation of civilians in war zones.

[Mikhail Podolyak/Advisor to the President of Ukraine: Both sides have reached a common understanding to provide a humanitarian channel for the evacuation of civilians and to deliver medicines and food to the places where the fiercest fighting takes place.]

Delegations from both countries evacuate from the humanitarian channel He said a temporary truce would be held in the surrounding areas during this period.

Next, a third round of negotiations to discuss additional issues will be held next week.

Russian delegation head Vladimir Medinsky, aide to President Vladimir Medinsky, said the outcome of the negotiations was a great step forward.

[Vladimir Medinsky/Aide to the President of the Russian Federation: The most important issue we have discussed today is the evacuation and rescue of civilians in areas of military conflict.]

The evacuation of civilians remaining in the fighting area is expected to be accelerated by the agreement between the two sides.

Ukrainian President Zelensky has urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to truce.

[Zelensky / President of Ukraine: I do not bite.

Just an ordinary person.

Let's sit down and talk.

What are you afraid of?]

Some fear that Russia will launch a further massive military strike once civilians in the war zone are evacuated through humanitarian channels.