Following Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. Biden administration announced on the 3rd that it had asked Congress to approve a budget of $ 10 billion, or about ¥ 1.15 trillion in Japanese yen, for military and humanitarian assistance. Did.

According to the White House, the breakdown is

▽ $ 2.75 billion for humanitarian assistance including food,

▽ $ 1.8 billion for the dispatch of US troops to neighboring countries, and

▽ 1.7 billion for strengthening Ukraine's armaments such as the provision of weapons. It is 50 million dollars and so on.

It also means that it will be used

for measures against cyber attacks and disinformation spread by Russia, and

for financial support to these countries because many Ukrainian citizens have been evacuated to neighboring countries.

Since last year, the United States has provided Ukraine with a total of more than $ 1.4 billion, or more than 160 billion yen in Japanese yen, but as Russia's military invasion continues in Ukraine, further support is urgently needed. Explaining.

"The situation is moving so fast that we may need additional help in the future," the White House said.