The press conference of the Fifth Session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference was held at 15:00 on March 3. The spokesperson of the conference, Guo Weimin, introduced the relevant situation of the conference to Chinese and foreign media and answered questions from reporters.

  China Daily: On the eve of the Democracy Summit held in the United States, China issued a white paper on China's democracy, emphasizing that China implements the whole process of people's democracy.

Some public opinion believes that China and the United States are competing for the right to speak in democracy.

What do you think about this?

What role has the CPPCC played in promoting the people's democracy in the whole process?

  Guo Weimin, member of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Deputy Secretary-General of the Fifth Session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and spokesperson: You mainly raised two questions, one is about the American Democracy Summit, and the other is about the whole process of the CPPCC's promotion role in people's democracy.

The so-called democracy summit held by the United States when its own domestic problems are full of contradictions and American-style democracy is plagued by stigma is nothing more than to rally gangs, suppress others, divide the world, and maintain its hegemonic position.

I would like to point out that the forms of democracy are pluralistic and not the preserve of a few countries.

The democratic system of each country should be independently chosen by the people of each country according to their own national conditions.

The fit is the best.

Friends from the press may have noticed that a well-known international public relations firm recently conducted a public opinion survey. Their survey showed that among the 28 countries surveyed, including the United States and other Western countries, the Chinese people's trust in the government is The highest, over 90%.

This is in stark contrast to the fact that the American public has less than 40 percent trust in its own government.

Some Western countries are chaotic in their social governance, and even their own people are increasingly dissatisfied, but they try to impose their so-called democratic model on other countries through "color revolutions", etc., causing serious disasters.

The U.S. has misappropriated the banner of democracy to serve its own interests, and people around the world have seen it more and more clearly.

Fairness and peace of mind.

  Guo Weimin: China has formed a socialist democratic political system with Chinese characteristics during its long-term development and construction.

We have implemented democratic elections, democratic consultations, democratic decision-making, democratic management, and democratic supervision in accordance with the law, and have embarked on a path of developing people's democracy throughout the process, which has strongly promoted long-term economic and social development, continuous improvement of people's lives, and continuous social and cultural progress.

  Guo Weimin: You just asked about the role of the CPPCC in the whole process of the people's democratic system in China. The CPPCC is an important channel and specialized consultation mechanism for socialist consultative democracy, and an important institutional arrangement for the development of the people's democracy in the whole process.

The CPPCC integrates consultation, supervision, participation and cooperation, and promotes scientific decision-making and democratic decision-making in democratic consultation; through various forms and platforms of consultation, it effectively advises and seeks political advice, and broadly builds consensus.

I just gave some examples.

The National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference has 34 sectors, covering all democratic parties and people without party affiliation, major people's organizations, 56 ethnic groups, and five major religions. People of all ethnic groups, strata, and people from all walks of life should discuss the issue of the country together, and promote the practice of widespread and effective people's democracy.

The CPPCC implements consultative democracy throughout the entire process of performing its duties, and has played an important role in realizing people's democracy in the entire chain, all-round, and full-coverage process, demonstrating the unique advantages of Chinese-style democracy.

I think the more we know about the consultative democracy of the CPPCC, the more specific, vivid and in-depth our understanding of the democratic system of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the whole process of people's democracy will be.

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